BREAKING#青木真也 vs #セージ・ノースカット 対戦決定!2024年1月28日 日本で開催の #ONE165 でついに実現!,

BREAKING #青木真也 vs #セージ・ノースカット 対戦決定! ライト級MMA 5分3R 2021年に一度組まれるも流れた “待望のカード”が2024年1月28日 日本にて開催の #ONE165 でついに実現! ▽会見の模様はこちらから

In a stunning turn of events, the long-awaited matchup between #青木真也 (Shinya Aoki) and #セージ・ノースカット (Sage Northcutt) has finally been confirmed for #ONE165, a highly anticipated event set to take place on January 28, 2024, in Japan.

MMA fans around the world have been eagerly waiting for this clash of titans ever since it was initially scheduled for 2021 but unfortunately fell through. However, the disappointment of the cancellation has now turned into excitement as the fight will finally become a reality in just a few months.

Shinya Aoki, a Japanese mixed martial artist, is widely regarded as one of the top fighters in the lightweight division. With an impressive record of 47 wins and 9 losses, Aoki has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world. Known for his lightning-fast submissions and ground game expertise, Aoki has successfully competed in various promotions, including ONE Championship.

On the other hand, Sage Northcutt, an American fighter, has gained a significant following with his dynamic fighting style and youthful energy. Despite his young age, Northcutt has already amassed an impressive record of 11 wins and 3 losses. Known for his striking and athleticism, Northcutt has previously competed in the UFC and is now looking to make his mark in ONE Championship.

The announcement of the Aoki vs. Northcutt matchup has sent shockwaves throughout the MMA community, with fans and experts eagerly anticipating this showdown between two highly skilled fighters. Both Aoki and Northcutt have expressed their excitement for the fight, acknowledging the significance of this matchup for their respective careers.

The fight is scheduled for three rounds, each lasting five minutes, in the lightweight division. With both fighters known for their explosive style and ability to finish fights, fans can expect a thrilling encounter that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

ONE Championship, a premier global martial arts organization, has been at the forefront of promoting world-class MMA events in Asia. With a strong focus on showcasing the best talent from around the world, ONE Championship has consistently delivered high-quality fights that captivate audiences.

The confirmation of the Aoki vs. Northcutt matchup further solidifies ONE Championship’s commitment to providing fans with the best fights and matchups possible. As the anticipation builds for the event, fans can look forward to witnessing a truly memorable night of MMA action.

The press conference announcing the Aoki vs. Northcutt fight was filled with excitement and anticipation. Both fighters expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to compete against each other and promised to put on a show for the fans. The conference also provided a platform for the fighters to discuss their training camps and strategies leading up to the fight.

With the Aoki vs. Northcutt matchup now set in stone, MMA fans can mark their calendars for January 28, 2024, as they eagerly await what promises to be an explosive and unforgettable showdown. The fight between these two talented fighters has all the makings of a classic, and fans can expect nothing less than an adrenaline-fueled battle when they step into the cage at #ONE165.,
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