Congress ahead in Telangana survey: 56 seats, BJP trails with 10, #TelanganaElections2023,

Title: CNN – News 18 Telangana Survey: One More Survey Saying Congress Gains Momentum Ahead of Telangana Elections 2023

Telangana, India – In a significant twist leading up to the highly anticipated Telangana Assembly elections of 2023, a recent survey conducted by CNN – News 18 Telangana has projected a surprising lead for the Indian National Congress (INC). The survey results have sent shockwaves across the political landscape of the state, as the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) faces an unexpected challenge.

According to the poll, Congress is projected to secure 56 seats out of the 119-member assembly, surpassing the ruling TRS party with 48 seats. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is predicted to obtain 10 seats, while the MIM (Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) is expected to secure five seats. The survey indicates that other parties would not secure any seats.

This latest survey conducted by CNN – News 18 Telangana has further intensified the political atmosphere in the state. The findings have given a much-needed boost to the Congress party, which has been striving to regain its lost ground since the formation of Telangana in 2014.

The survey, carried out across various constituencies of the state, sought opinions from a diverse range of voters. It took into account factors such as public sentiment, political preferences, and the performance of respective party leaders. The survey was conducted with a sample size of 10,000 respondents, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the electorate.

The projected success of the Congress party can be attributed to several factors. One of the key elements is the anti-incumbency sentiment prevailing against the TRS government. Many voters have expressed their discontent regarding several issues, including unemployment, the rising cost of living, and inadequate support for farmers. The survey suggests that this dissatisfaction has translated into significant support for the Congress party.

Another significant factor that has contributed to the Congress party’s surge is the recent organizational restructuring and rejuvenation within the party. Under the leadership of the newly appointed State President, the party has focused on strengthening its grassroots presence and improving its connect with the masses. These efforts seem to have resonated positively with the voters, as evident from the survey results.

The TRS, which has been in power since the formation of Telangana, is now facing an uphill battle to retain its majority. The survey results indicate that the party’s popularity has waned in recent years, with voters expressing concerns over governance and the pace of development in the state. The ruling party will need to address these issues effectively to regain the trust of the electorate.

The BJP, although projected to gain seats compared to the previous elections, still faces an uphill task in challenging the dominance of the Congress and TRS. The party has been working diligently to expand its base in Telangana, but this survey suggests that it has yet to make significant inroads among the voters.

As the political landscape of Telangana gears up for the upcoming elections, these survey results have set the stage for an intense battle between the Congress and the TRS. With the Congress gaining momentum and the TRS facing anti-incumbency sentiments, the electoral campaign is expected to be fiercely contested.

It is important to note that these survey results are purely speculative at this stage and do not guarantee the actual outcome of the elections. The political dynamics may change significantly in the coming months, and other surveys may present different projections. The true verdict will be decided by the voters of Telangana when they exercise their franchise in the 2023 assembly elections.,
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