Connie Lorraine Christensen : “Remains of Woman Found Dead in 1982 Positively Identified as Connie Lorraine Christensen”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : New DNA technology helps identify woman found dead in 1982

RICHMOND, Ind. — After decades of mystery, the Wayne County Coroner’s Office and the DNA Doe Project have announced the positive identification of a woman found dead in 1982. Connie Lorraine Christensen, a 40-year-old from Madison, Wisconsin, has been identified as the woman whose remains were discovered in a rural area north of Jacksonburg.

The breakthrough in identification came thanks to the efforts of the DNA Doe Project, a nonprofit organization that utilizes investigative genetic genealogy to identify Jane and John Does. Lori Flowers, a member of the project, explained that they were able to find two close DNA relative matches on GEDmatch, which eventually led them to Connie’s family. Flowers emphasized the importance of families of missing persons taking DNA tests and uploading them to platforms like GEDmatch to assist organizations in making these identifications.

The positive identification brings closure to Connie’s family, who have been searching for answers for nearly four decades. Missy Koski, another member of the project, expressed her pride in the dedicated volunteers who were able to assist law enforcement in finally returning Connie Christensen’s name.

The discovery of Connie’s identity not only provides closure for her family but also highlights the power of DNA technology in solving cold cases. This breakthrough serves as a reminder of the importance of ongoing advancements in forensic science and the potential for more cases to be solved in the future.

The Wayne County Coroner’s Office and the DNA Doe Project are now working together to determine the circumstances surrounding Connie’s death. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities hope that the identification of Connie Christensen will lead to further leads and potentially shed light on the events that led to her tragic demise.

The positive identification of Connie Lorraine Christensen is a testament to the tireless efforts of law enforcement, forensic experts, and the DNA Doe Project. It demonstrates that no case is ever truly closed, and that with advancements in technology, hope remains for families seeking answers about their missing loved ones.

As the investigation continues, authorities urge anyone with information about the case to come forward and assist in bringing justice to Connie Christensen and her family.

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