Four-year-old boy found dead in Karachi hospital, initial findings suggest chronic abuse

KARACHI: Authorities are currently on the hunt for two individuals who brought the lifeless body of a four-year-old boy to the renowned Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and promptly fled the scene. The police’s official statement claimed that the child had succumbed to fatal injuries sustained in an accident earlier that day. However, the police surgeon, Dr. Summaiya Syed, revealed that the initial findings from the post-mortem examination were indicative of severe and chronic physical and sexual abuse.

According to Saddar SHO Safdar Mashwani, the CCTV footage retrieved from the hospital cameras depicted two individuals arriving at the emergency department in a car, accompanied by the injured child. The footage further revealed that the hospital staff engaged in a brief conversation with the visitors, who suddenly abandoned the boy’s lifeless body and made their escape.

Dr. Summaiya Syed disclosed that the young boy was brought to the hospital premises around noon. A comprehensive post-mortem examination unveiled a multitude of injuries scattered across his body, strongly suggesting a history of prolonged abuse, both physical and sexual. In an effort to determine the exact cause of death, samples have been collected and sent for chemical analysis.

Saddar SHO Mashwani identified the victim as a resident of Qayyumabad. The child had left his residence at approximately 9:30 am and tragically encountered the accident at 11 am. Preliminary investigations indicate that the young boy was struck by a car. The police have successfully traced the number plate of the vehicle and are actively pursuing leads to locate its occupants.

However, DIG-South Asad Raza, in conversation with Dawn, asserted that this was indeed a case of a mere traffic accident. Contrary to this claim, Dr. Summaiya Syed, the police surgeon, remains steadfast in her belief that the injuries sustained by the child were not consistent with those typically associated with a road accident.

As the investigation continues, authorities are determined to bring justice to the innocent child who suffered such unspeakable abuse. The heart-wrenching incident has left the community in shock and outrage, demanding swift action to ensure the perpetrators are apprehended and held accountable for their heinous crimes.

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