Independent Review to be Conducted by Alberta RCMP on Calgary Shooting Incident Resulting in Dropped Charges Against Teen Brothers

The Alberta RCMP has announced that they will be conducting an independent review of the events that led to two teen brothers being charged with homicide in Calgary. The charges were later dropped by the Calgary Police Service (CPS) when new video evidence came forward. CPS Chief Mark Neufeld confirmed the RCMP’s involvement during a Calgary Police Commission meeting.

The independent review will examine the chain of events that led investigators to believe they had reasonable and probable grounds to lay charges for the homicide. It will also investigate whether there were any concerns or evidence of racial profiling involved in the situation. The terms of reference for the review are still being finalized, and the RCMP’s report will inform any changes to Calgary police procedures.

The incident occurred on November 13 when police responded to reports of a shooting in the parking lot of the Trans Canada Centre in Marlborough. They discovered the body of 23-year-old Rami Hajj Ali and two other individuals with gunshot wounds. The next day, charges were laid against two brothers, aged 14 and 18, including first-degree murder, attempted murder, and accessory to murder after the fact.

However, after receiving and verifying new video evidence, investigators immediately informed Crown prosecutors, who filed to stay the charges. Chief Neufeld publicly apologized to the brothers on November 21.

During the Calgary Police Commission meeting, Neufeld emphasized that homicide investigators will be their harshest critics and are eager to learn any lessons from this incident. He expressed pride in their work and reiterated the importance of keeping them focused on solving murders.

The independent review by the Alberta RCMP aims to provide transparency and accountability in this case. It will evaluate the actions and decisions made by investigators and determine if there were any shortcomings or biases involved. The findings will help shape future police procedures and ensure that similar incidents are handled appropriately.

As this review progresses, the Calgary Police Service will continue to cooperate fully and provide any necessary information or assistance. The goal is to maintain public trust and confidence in the police force while ensuring justice and fairness for all individuals involved in criminal investigations.

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