James Salanoa : “Son of Rape Suspect Shot and Killed by Deputies in Puyallup, Washington”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Puyallup, Washington – A tragic incident unfolded on Tuesday night as 22-year-old James Salanoa was shot and killed by Pierce County deputies. Salanoa, a suspected felon, was wanted by Tacoma Police for kidnapping and rape charges. His mother, Faafili Latu, expressed her shock and disbelief during a video conference call on Wednesday, revealing that she had urged her son to turn himself in to prove his innocence.

The incident that led to Salanoa’s death took place on November 18 when a woman was kidnapped at gunpoint from a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Tacoma. She was then driven to another location, raped, and returned to the restaurant. Salanoa was soon identified as the prime suspect, and an arrest warrant was issued.

According to the sheriff’s department, deputies located Salanoa in an SUV on Tuesday and attempted to approach him. However, he fled the scene, with reports indicating that there were other individuals in the car. A pursuit ensued, and the car was eventually stopped near the 512 on-ramp by the South Hill Mall in Puyallup, thanks to spike sticks deployed by the deputies.

Sergeant Charles Porche from the Lakewood Police Department provided details during a press briefing, stating that Salanoa exited the vehicle armed with a weapon. Multiple shots were fired, resulting in Salanoa’s death.

Faafili Latu shared her devastation upon receiving the news of her son’s death, expressing that she had no knowledge of his involvement with guns. She emphasized her concern about young individuals resorting to crime and urged parents to let their children know they are loved and supported.

The shooting near the South Hill Mall remains under investigation, and it remains unclear if Salanoa fired any shots during the incident. Fortunately, no deputies were injured. The two other individuals in the suspect’s vehicle were detained and are being questioned to determine their connection to Salanoa.

This tragic event has left a community in shock and a mother grieving the loss of her son while grappling with the horrifying crimes he was accused of. As investigations continue, authorities hope to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Salanoa’s actions and bring closure to all those affected by this devastating incident.

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