Jane Doe : Senior at Del Norte HS and family sue Poway Unified School District, accusing superintendent of retaliation.

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : A senior at Del Norte High School and her family have recently taken legal action against the Poway Unified School District and its superintendent, Marian Phelps. The lawsuit alleges that Phelps retaliated against the student, known as Jane Doe, for a perceived slight against Phelps’ daughter at a softball awards banquet earlier this year.

According to court documents, Phelps was allegedly upset that her daughter did not receive as much applause as other players during the awards ceremony. She reportedly felt that others were obligated to show more enthusiasm for her daughter. Problems arose later in the evening when Phelps sent late-night texts to Doe, asking to talk. Screenshots of the texts and a more than half-hour-long phone call are included in the court filing.

Despite Doe’s subsequent apology, the lawsuit claims that Phelps ordered a bullying investigation against her. Doe and her family were allegedly pressured to sign a statement acknowledging the attempted bullying, but they refused. This refusal, the lawsuit states, triggered the investigation.

The lawsuit further alleges that Phelps engaged in intimidation and harassment towards Doe and other softball players. The ultimate goal, it claims, was to prevent Doe from competing against Phelps’ daughter for the position of pitcher on the team. The student and her family have endured significant emotional distress as a result of these events.

Doe faced repercussions as a result of the investigation, including being excluded from extracurricular activities, dances, and football games. The situation reached a boiling point during a Poway School Board meeting on November 9, where Del Norte senior Miranda Mosqueda accused Phelps of using her power and influence to bully students. Del Norte softball coach Alan Stockton also testified, stating that he and his fellow coaches were never contacted about the incident.

Attorney Justin Reden, representing Jane Doe, called for Phelps’ resignation or termination by the board. However, Phelps denies any wrongdoing and stated that she did not reach out to Doe with claims of bullying.

As the lawsuit progresses, it remains uncertain whether Doe and her family would drop the lawsuit if Phelps resigns or is removed from her position. If the case proceeds to trial, the plaintiffs will determine the monetary damages they will seek at that point.

Despite attempts to obtain comments from Phelps and the school district, no response has been received. The situation continues to unfold, leaving the community of Del Norte High School grappling with the fallout of this contentious legal battle.

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