Larry Householder : Ohio Governor and Lieutenant Governor Subpoenaed in FirstEnergy Bribery Lawsuit

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Ohio Governor and Lieutenant Governor have been involved in a lawsuit against FirstEnergy Corp., a major energy company based in Akron, Ohio. The lawsuit is connected to a $60 million bribery scheme orchestrated by the energy giant and former House Speaker Larry Householder, who is currently serving a prison sentence.

Governor Mike DeWine received a subpoena for documents related to the case on November 17. His spokesperson, Dan Tierney, confirmed that the governor’s lawyers are reviewing the order. The subpoena requests any communications DeWine may have had with FirstEnergy, executives named in the lawsuit, or Sam Randazzo, the state’s former top utility regulator. These communications would be related to Householder’s efforts to secure power and the tainted $1 billion nuclear bailout legislation that Householder championed in exchange for bribes.

Similarly, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted also received a subpoena on the same date. According to a recent court filing, Husted is scheduled to be deposed in the case between February 28 and March 19. Husted’s spokesperson, Hayley Carducci, stated that the lieutenant governor has already provided public records pertaining to the lawsuit and will continue to comply with any requests.

It is important to note that this civil lawsuit is separate from an ongoing criminal case, which has resulted in convictions for Householder, lobbyist Matt Borges, and two others. Householder was sentenced to 20 years in prison, while Borges received a five-year sentence.

Governor DeWine’s administration has not been subpoenaed or identified as under investigation in the criminal probe. The same applies to Randazzo, the governor’s former pick for the chairmanship of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Randazzo’s Columbus townhome was searched by the FBI in November 2020, but he has not been implicated in any criminal activities.

Randazzo, who held significant influence over FirstEnergy and other utilities as the chairman of the commission, was recruited by Husted and Laurel Dawson, DeWine’s former chief of staff. Despite concerns raised by consumer and environmental advocates, as well as GOP insiders, DeWine selected Randazzo for the position.

Husted and Randazzo have a history of collaboration, dating back to their time in the Ohio House of Representatives. As allies, they worked together to block renewable and alternative energy mandates proposed by former Democratic Governor Ted Strickland.

The involvement of Ohio’s governor and lieutenant governor in this lawsuit adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing legal battles surrounding FirstEnergy Corp. The case highlights the extent of corruption within the energy industry and raises questions about the integrity of Ohio’s political system.

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