Mali : “World’s Saddest Elephant, Mali, Dies in Manila Zoo Amid Negligence and Controversy”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : The news of Mali, the “World’s Saddest” elephant, passing away in Manila Zoo has sparked both tributes and criticism. Mali, who spent her entire life in a confined space at the zoo, died due to negligence, raising concerns about the treatment of animals in captivity.

As the only elephant in the country, Mali faced outrage from animal rights activists who condemned the neglect and poor conditions she was subjected to. Renowned musician Sir Paul McCartney, along with others, had advocated for her transfer to a sanctuary where she could live a more comfortable and natural life.

The announcement of Mali’s death was made by Mayor Honey Lacuna on Facebook, who also shared her childhood memories of visiting the zoo and the joy Mali brought to her. Dr. Heinrich Patrick Peña-Domingo, who had been observing Mali, noted her distress, evident in her constant nose rubbing against a wall.

In her final days, Mali laid down and showed signs of respiratory distress. Despite receiving antihistamines and vitamins, she was found dead later. The main causes of her demise were identified as a blocked aorta and organ cancer.

Mali, originally from Sri Lanka, had been brought to the Philippines in 1981 as a gift to the former first lady, Imelda Marcos. After her companion, Shiva, passed away in 1990, Mali became the zoo’s solitary elephant.

Critics accused the zoo of neglecting Mali’s medical needs, while the zoo argued that releasing her was not an option due to her lifelong captivity. Despite calls from influential figures like Sir Paul McCartney and Morrissey, authorities ignored pleas to transfer Mali to a sanctuary.

The news of Mali’s death garnered sorrow from organizations like PETA, who referred to her as one of the world’s saddest elephants. Social media flooded with condolences, with many recalling their encounters with Mali during their visits to Manila Zoo.

Amidst the growing calls for no more elephants in zoos, the Manila minister announced plans to request another elephant from the Sri Lankan government. However, Mali’s transfer to a sanctuary was never considered, leaving her long-time caretakers grieving her loss.

Mayor Lacuna acknowledged that despite being a loner, Mali had become a significant part of the zoo staff’s lives, bringing them joy. The legacy of the “World’s Saddest” elephant will be remembered, even in the midst of the sorrow caused by her passing.

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