Malkit Singh alias Sonu Sagar Vij Jatinder Singh alias Jatin : “Police Solve ₹25 Lakh Robbery Case, Arresting Filling Station Manager and Former Employees”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Police quickly solved a robbery case in Ludhiana, India, recovering a significant amount of stolen money within eight hours of being informed. The culprits behind the ₹25 lakh heist were identified as Malkit Singh, the assistant manager of the filling station, and two former employees, Sagar Vij and Jatinder Singh. A total of ₹23.41 lakh was recovered from their possession.

Commissioner of police Kuldeep Singh Chahal addressed the media regarding the arrests, emphasizing the swift action taken by his team. The arrests were made based on intelligence gathered during the investigation. Chahal highlighted the role played by Malkit Singh, who had worked at the fuel station for ten years and was familiar with cash transactions. It was Malkit Singh who devised the plan for the robbery.

On the day of the incident, Malkit Singh and the station manager, Pardeep Kumar, left the fuel station with ₹25,19,900 in cash to deposit it at a bank in Dholewal. Unbeknownst to Pardeep, Malkit had already alerted his accomplices, who were waiting at the bank. As soon as Pardeep stepped out of the car, the culprits snatched the bag containing the cash and fled the scene.

Upon receiving the information, police swiftly arrived at the scene and commenced an investigation. Both Pardeep and Malkit were questioned extensively. Malkit initially provided inconsistent statements but eventually confessed to the crime. Based on the information provided by Malkit, the police were able to apprehend his accomplices.

During the course of the investigation, one of the arrested individuals, Jatinder Singh, revealed that he had given some of the stolen cash to his wife and sent her to her parental home in Amritsar. Authorities are currently attempting to locate her.

The successful resolution of this case showcases the efficiency and effectiveness of the Ludhiana police force. The recovery of a significant amount of the stolen money within a short period is a testament to their dedication and expertise. The apprehension of the culprits will ensure that justice is served and prevent further criminal activities.

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