Michael Mastrianni : “Man Arrested for Stealing and Damaging Boat in Virginia Beach”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Man Arrested for Stealing and Damaging Boat in Virginia Beach

In a bizarre incident that unfolded on Tuesday morning, Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) officers apprehended a man who allegedly stole a boat from Long Creek near Great Neck Road West. The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Michael Mastrianni, was found aboard the stolen boat when authorities arrived at the scene.

At approximately 9 a.m., VBPD officers received a report about an unauthorized individual operating a boat in Long Creek. Responding promptly, police units quickly located the stolen vessel. From the land, officers observed Mastrianni, who had anchored the boat in the water. To apprehend the suspect, law enforcement utilized another police boat, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

Following the successful operation, Mastrianni was taken into custody without any resistance or incident. Meanwhile, the stolen boat, now a key piece of evidence, has been secured at the City Marina. Investigators have docked the vessel there for further examination, aiming to assess any damages and conduct forensic processing.

Preliminary findings from the ongoing investigation suggest that the stolen boat was not operational at the time of the theft. According to authorities, Mastrianni allegedly untied the boat and allowed it to drift into the channel. It was only a matter of time before vigilant VBPD officers intercepted the stolen vessel and apprehended the suspect.

In light of his actions, Mastrianni now faces serious legal consequences. He has been charged with grand larceny, reflecting the gravity of the theft, as well as destruction of property, acknowledging the potential damages caused during the incident. Once the investigation is complete, the evidence collected will be crucial in building a strong case against the accused individual.

This peculiar incident serves as a reminder of the vigilance and dedication exhibited by the Virginia Beach Police Department in ensuring the safety and security of the local community. Their swift response and effective execution led to the apprehension of the suspect and the recovery of the stolen boat. As the investigation progresses, the VBPD remains committed to delivering justice and maintaining public trust.

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