Natacha Leroy : “RCMP Investigating Disappearance of Cape Breton Woman as Homicide; Human Remains Found”

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RCMP Investigating Cape Breton Woman’s Disappearance as Homicide

BIG BRAS D’OR, Nova Scotia – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has officially launched a homicide investigation into the recent disappearance of 48-year-old Natacha Leroy, a Cape Breton woman. The RCMP confirmed that human remains discovered by a police dog team on Friday in Big Bras d’Or, Nova Scotia, have been positively identified as belonging to Leroy.

The Nova Scotia Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled Leroy’s death as a homicide, marking a tragic turn in the case. The Mounties initially responded to a potential homicide report at a residence on Route 5 in Big Bras d’Or on November 22. It was during their investigation that they learned of Leroy’s disappearance and deemed the circumstances surrounding it as suspicious.

While the RCMP has not released many details, they have disclosed that they thoroughly searched and secured the home in question. This suggests that the crime scene may have held crucial evidence in uncovering the truth behind Leroy’s unfortunate fate. As the investigation progresses, law enforcement officials will be working tirelessly to gather more information and locate any potential leads.

The Cape Breton community has been rocked by this devastating news, as Leroy’s disappearance and subsequent death have left many in shock and grief. The RCMP has assured the public that they are committed to bringing justice for Leroy and her loved ones, and will do everything within their power to hold the responsible party accountable.

As this case continues to unfold, the RCMP is urging anyone with information related to the disappearance and subsequent death of Natacha Leroy to come forward and assist with the investigation. The outpouring of support from the community and the determination of law enforcement officials will be instrumental in bringing closure to this tragic event.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on November 30, 2023.

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