No victims or deceased names are mentioned in the given text. : “Gerry Turner Weight Gain Allegations Raise Controversy and Prompt Anticipation for Response”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Gerry Turner, the star of ABC’s hit show “The Golden Bachelor,” has found himself at the center of controversy after allegations surfaced regarding his treatment of a former partner. Carolyn, the woman in question, claims that Turner ended their 10-month relationship because of her weight gain. According to Carolyn, Turner expressed dissatisfaction with her appearance, leading to their breakup in October 2019.

The situation took a further twist when it was alleged that Turner insisted Carolyn leave his home by January 1, 2020. During the move, Carolyn claimed to have suffered an injury. She accused Turner of blaming her for the fall and forcing her to stay in a hotel instead of allowing her to stay at the house during her notice period. These allegations have raised questions about Turner’s conduct and have sparked anticipation for a response from ABC representatives.

In the midst of the controversy, a photo has emerged showing Turner’s weight gain before and after the alleged incident. The photo, which can be viewed on Fresherslive, has only added fuel to the fire.

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For those unfamiliar with Gerry Turner, he is described by ABC as a charming and romantic individual. After being married to his high school sweetheart for 43 years, Turner is now retired and looking forward to a new chapter in his life. He enjoys barbecues, cheering for his favorite Chicago sports teams, playing pickleball, going four-wheeling, and spending time with family and friends.

The Golden Bachelor, which premiered on September 28, 2023, follows Turner’s journey to find love as a widower. The show aims to showcase different love stories at various stages of life, with Turner’s experiences bringing depth to the program. The season is set to conclude on November 30, 2023, promising a touching and memorable ending.

As the controversy surrounding Gerry Turner continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how ABC and the public will respond. For now, audiences can only wait for further information and updates on this developing story.

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