Sonal Vadhvaniya, Ravi Vadhvaniya : “21-year-old vegetable vendor allegedly stabs wife to death and jumps before a moving train in Rajkot”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Rajkot: A tragic incident unfolded in Rajkot as a 21-year-old vegetable vendor allegedly stabbed his wife to death before taking his own life by jumping in front of a moving train. The bodies of the couple, identified as Sonal Vadhvaniya (20) and Ravi Vadhvaniya (21), were found separately, sparking an investigation to establish the link between the two deaths.

The young couple had been married for just four months, making their untimely demise even more shocking. The motive behind their extreme step remains unknown, according to the police.

Sonal’s body was discovered near Jamvadi on the Rajkot-Gondal national highway. She had suffered multiple stab wounds to her abdomen, chest, neck, and throat. The murder weapon was found near her body, adding to the gruesome nature of the crime.

A few hours later, Ravi’s body was found near Malaviya crossing on Gondal Road. At the time of the discovery, authorities were unaware of the relationship between the two deceased individuals.

The investigation into the incident revealed that the couple had disembarked at the state transport bus depot on the day of the incident. CCTV footage showed them walking near the crime scene where Sonal’s body was later found.

Family members of the deceased couple reported that they had left home on Monday afternoon, claiming they were going to see a doctor. However, they never returned.

The community was left in shock and disbelief upon hearing the news of the young couple’s tragic demise. The exact reasons behind their decision to take such drastic measures remain unknown.

The police are conducting a thorough investigation to uncover any potential clues or motives that may shed light on this heartbreaking incident. The bodies of Sonal and Ravi have been sent for postmortem examinations, which may provide additional insights into the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

This incident serves as a grim reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support, particularly for young couples who may be facing challenges in their relationships. It is crucial for communities to come together and provide resources and assistance to those in need, in order to prevent such tragic incidents from occurring in the future.

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