The victims or deceased in the attack are: 1. Two off-duty soldiers 2. An armed civilian : “Jerusalem Terror Attack: Three Israelis Killed in Bus Stop Shooting, Hamas Members Identified”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : JERUSALEM, Israel – In a tragic incident that unfolded during the early hours of the morning in Jerusalem, two Palestinian terrorists initiated an onslaught at a bus stop, resulting in the heartbreaking loss of three Israeli lives and leaving six others gravely injured. This terror attack at the entrance to the city marks a distressing turn of events, as it is the first major assault in Israel since the ruthless Hamas massacre that occurred on October 7th.

Law enforcement authorities have confirmed that the two gunmen, identified by Israeli authorities as members of Hamas, were swiftly neutralized by two off-duty soldiers and an armed civilian. Reacting to this shocking attack, a cabinet minister solemnly declared that Israel finds itself engaged in a multi-front war and vowed to relentlessly pursue and eradicate terrorists with divine assistance.

Despite the tragedy that unfolded, the cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip remains intact. Mere minutes before the deadline, both parties reached an accord to extend the cease-fire by an additional day, aiming to secure the release of eight more Israeli hostages currently held captive by Hamas.

In a positive development, Hamas released twelve additional hostages on Wednesday, including an American citizen, in response to the United States’ call for the liberation of its nationals. However, the liberated hostages had to navigate through a tumultuous crowd of cheering Gazans as they made their way to freedom. This latest release brings the total number of civilian hostages freed from captivity in Gaza to 97 individuals, comprising 73 Israelis and 24 foreign nationals, predominantly Thai agricultural workers. It is estimated that approximately 159 hostages remain in Gaza, awaiting their long-awaited liberation.

Disturbing reports have emerged regarding the inhumane treatment suffered by the captive individuals. A foreign worker from Thailand testified that Israeli hostages were subjected to brutal beatings by Hamas militants, employing electric cables as weapons.

Furthermore, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are currently investigating a claim made by Hamas regarding the alleged abduction and subsequent killing of Shiri Bibas, along with her two young children, 10-month-old Kfir and 4-year-old Ariel, on October 7th. The IDF has placed the blame squarely on Hamas, accusing the group of perpetuating a pattern of cruelty and disregard for human life.

Amidst these troubling circumstances, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Israel to hold discussions, raising concerns that the United States may impose limitations on Israel’s military capabilities to effectively neutralize Hamas. President Joe Biden has urged Israel to exercise precision and strategic planning in its operations in southern Gaza.

Meanwhile, at the United Nations, the Security Council, spearheaded by China, called for a comprehensive cease-fire and the implementation of a two-state solution. Simultaneously, pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center, emphasizing the widespread impact and global attention garnered by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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