The victims or deceased in the car accident are: 1. Josafat Portillo (22 years old) 2. Natalia Portillo (2 years old) 3. James Paguia : “Nesters Market Fundraiser on Dec. 2 to Support Paguia Portillo Family”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Whistler community mourns loss after fatal car accident on Highway 99

The tight-knit community of Whistler is devastated following a tragic car accident on Highway 99 that claimed the lives of three locals and left another injured. The accident occurred in the early hours of November 26, when a single-vehicle veered off the side of the highway and collided with a tree near the Daisy Lake Dam. The victims have been identified as 22-year-old Josafat Portillo, his two-year-old daughter Natalia, and his brother-in-law, James Paguia. Josafat’s wife, Iris Paguia Portillo, was also in the vehicle and is currently in stable condition.

According to a GoFundMe page set up to support the family, the Portillos and Paguias were returning home from a church gathering when the accident occurred. Josafat, affectionately known as “Jos,” was described as a dedicated family man with a heart of gold. He worked at Lordco Auto Parts in Function, where he was known for going above and beyond to help customers.

The tragic accident has deeply affected the Nesters Market community, where Josafat also worked alongside his brother-in-law James and his wife Iris. The store’s General Manager, Bruce Stewart, described the Paguia Portillos as a kind and caring family. In honor of the victims, Nesters Market will be hosting a fundraiser on December 2, with local rotary members present to accept donations and live music performances scheduled for the afternoon.

The Paguia Portillos exemplify Whistler’s diverse immigrant community. Josafat hailed from El Salvador, while Iris immigrated to Canada from the Philippines as a child. In a 2021 interview, Iris expressed her excitement about exposing her daughter Natalia to the multicultural Christmas traditions of their family.

The GoFundMe campaign launched to support the Paguia Portillo family has already surpassed its initial goal of $30,000, with over $66,000 raised at the time of writing. The outpouring of support from the community showcases the unity and compassion that Whistler is known for.

The loss of James, Josafat, and Natalia has left a lasting impact on the Nesters Market community and Whistler as a whole. The tragic accident serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing our loved ones. The community continues to send their love, condolences, and gratitude to the Paguia and Portillo families, as well as to the first responders who attended the scene.

For those wishing to contribute to the GoFundMe campaign, donations can be made at The generosity and support from individuals and businesses alike are greatly appreciated during this difficult time.

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