The victims or deceased name is Sekar (70). : “Three More Arrested in Connection with Dalit Man’s Murder Over Temple Theft Suspicions”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Krishnagiri: Three additional individuals from Oonampalayam have been apprehended by Uthangarai police on Wednesday evening in connection with the tragic murder of Sekar (70) from Chinna Kanakkanpatti. The elderly man was allegedly beaten to death by a violent mob of caste Hindus who suspected him of stealing idols from the village temple.

The three suspects have been identified as S Gokul (23), V Perumal (24), and T Suresh (23), all of whom are now in police custody.

Earlier today, the victim’s daughter, P Murugavalli (35), submitted a petition to the Krishnagiri SP, urging the release of two women who were arrested in relation to the case. Murugavalli expressed her dissatisfaction with the Uthangarai police, claiming that they failed to take her mother’s oral complaint seriously. Additionally, she alleged that she had been sexually harassed by a youth belonging to the caste Hindu community.

“I informed the police that my father was assaulted by more than 15 caste Hindu individuals, but they only arrested two. The two women who were detained should be released immediately,” Murugavalli exclaimed.

However, the Uthangarai police have strongly denied these charges. According to an officer, Sekar’s wife, Sivakami, only filed a complaint regarding her missing daughter and did not mention anything about her husband’s assault.

This incident has sparked outrage among the local community, drawing attention to the issue of caste-based violence and discrimination. Authorities have been urged to conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that justice is served for the brutal murder of Sekar.

The caste system continues to be a deeply rooted societal issue in India, and incidents like these highlight the urgent need for social reform and equality. The marginalized Dalit community, to which Sekar belonged, faces constant discrimination and violence. It is crucial for the government and society as a whole to address these systemic injustices and work towards building a more inclusive and egalitarian society.

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