There are no victims or deceased mentioned in the given text. : Former Broncos Player Von Miller Allegedly Assaults Pregnant Partner: Arrest Warrant Issued

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : DALLAS, Texas — Von Miller, the former Denver Broncos player and current Buffalo Bills linebacker, is facing serious allegations of assault against his pregnant significant other. According to an arrest affidavit obtained by Denver7, Miller allegedly shoved and yelled at the woman before applying pressure to her neck on two separate occasions.

The incident occurred at the couple’s apartment in Dallas, where they had been arguing about the woman’s upcoming birthday trip. The argument escalated when the woman went into another room and slammed the door, causing Miller to become visibly angry. He entered the room and began yelling at her to leave the apartment.

As the woman tried to gather her belongings, including a laptop and cell phone, Miller continued to push and shove her. She pleaded with him, stating that she was pregnant, but he ignored her pleas. At one point, Miller stepped on her feet, causing her to fall back into a chair. It was then that he allegedly applied pressure to her neck for a few seconds before letting go.

During the altercation, Miller also grabbed the woman’s phone and threw her laptop on the floor, stomping on it. He even pulled her hair, resulting in a chunk being pulled out. Eventually, the woman managed to gather her items and shoes and started to leave the apartment. She was able to start recording a video on her phone, which she put in her pocket.

After Miller left the home, the woman contacted the police, who arrived at the scene shortly after. Detectives noticed minor abrasions on her left hand and bruising on her neck. As of now, Miller has not been arrested.

This is not the first time Miller has faced allegations of domestic violence involving the same woman. In January 2021, when he was still playing for the Broncos, he was investigated by the Parker Police Department in Colorado. However, the district attorney’s office declined to file charges against him.

Miller, a Dallas native, is a highly acclaimed player in the NFL, with eight Pro Bowl selections and three first-team Pro Bowl selections. He attended high school in the Dallas suburb of DeSoto and was a standout player at Texas A&M University.

The seriousness of these allegations raises concerns about the safety and well-being of Miller’s significant other. As the legal process unfolds, it is crucial to prioritize the protection of victims in cases of domestic violence.

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