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In a bid to combat the alarming surge in domestic violence incidents, the Ukrainian National Police announced on November 29 that they are intensifying their efforts to address gender-based violence. National Police Chief Ivan Vyhivskyi revealed that the force is now operating 54 specialized units, with 62 mobile response teams dedicated to countering domestic violence.

The increase in reported domestic violence incidents has been a cause for concern, with nearly 244,000 incidents reported since the beginning of the year. Shockingly, 76.5% of these incidents were reported by women, over 20% by men, and more than 3% by children.

Vyhivskyi attributed the rise in domestic violence cases to the ongoing stress stemming from the war, which has contributed to increased aggression and conflicts within households. Recognizing the severity of the issue, more than 2,300 criminal investigations have already been initiated under Ukraine’s Criminal Code. In fact, emergency restraining orders have been issued against the offenders in one-third of these cases.

The prevalence of domestic violence in Ukraine has been a cause for concern, with it being identified as the most prevalent form of gender-based violence in the country. The Ukrainian National Police’s dedicated and specialized units aim to provide swift and effective responses to such incidents, ensuring the safety and well-being of victims.

This intensified effort to combat domestic violence comes at a time when the Ukrainian Economy Ministry has also taken steps towards reducing gender disparities. The ministry announced plans to narrow Ukraine’s gender pay gap from 18.6% to 13.6% by 2030, highlighting a comprehensive approach to addressing gender-based issues in the country.

By implementing these measures, the Ukrainian National Police are demonstrating their commitment to protecting the rights and safety of individuals within their jurisdiction. The specialized units and mobile response teams are expected to provide much-needed support to victims of domestic violence, while criminal investigations and restraining orders will help hold offenders accountable.

In line with global efforts, Ukraine is taking significant steps towards addressing domestic violence and gender-based issues, fostering a safer and more equal society for all its citizens.

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