Usha Devi : “Two Sisters Found Living with Mother’s Corpse for a Year in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi”

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In a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves through Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi district, two sisters were discovered living with the decomposing corpse of their mother for nearly a year. The distressing scene unfolded in the city’s Madarwa area, leaving the community in disbelief.

Concerned neighbors grew suspicious when they noticed the absence of the two young girls for several days. Alarmed by the closed door of their house, they decided to take action and alerted the girls’ relatives. Upon arriving at the residence, the family members were confronted with a grim reality and immediately notified the authorities.

Local police swiftly responded to the distress call and gained entry into the sisters’ home. Inside, they found the lifeless body of Usha Devi (52) and the two girls sitting beside her. It was revealed that Usha had passed away on December 8, 2022. However, due to financial constraints, her daughters had refrained from conducting her last rites and had been silently cohabiting with her remains ever since.

As a means to mask the repugnant smell emanating from the decaying body, the sisters resorted to burning incense sticks, commonly known as agarbattis, according to the police investigation.

Adding to the tragedy, the woman’s husband had abandoned the family two years prior and had not returned even after his wife’s demise.

Following the discovery of the corpse, the police took both sisters into custody for further investigation. The shocking incident has left the community in Varanasi grappling with a mix of horror and sadness, as they try to comprehend the circumstances that led to such a distressing situation.

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Sudeep Lavania

Published On:

Nov 30, 2023

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