Victims or deceased from Palestinians inspect the rubble Abu Helal family in Rafah refugee camp, Gaza Strip, Monday, Oct. 9, 2023: – Unknown victims : Israeli Forces Kill Children and Destroy Homes in West Bank Raid, Continuing Genocidal Policy

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : In a devastating military raid on Wednesday, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) killed two children and leveled an entire street in the West Bank city of Jenin. This raid, described by local residents as the largest since October 7th, highlights the Israeli regime’s commitment to a policy of genocide against the Palestinian people. The IDF claimed to have killed two senior commanders of armed resistance groups operating in Jenin and called in a drone air strike to demolish a house. Roads and water mains were also destroyed.

The two fatalities were identified as 8-year-old Adam Samer al-Ghoul and 15-year-old Basil Suleiman Abu al-Wafa, both shot by Israeli soldiers. This brings the total number of Palestinians killed in West Bank raids since October 7th to 242, including 57 children. In addition to the killings, Israel has detained 35 Palestinians in West Bank raids, adding to the more than 5,000 Palestinians already in Israeli jails.

The IDF raids have been accompanied by vigilante violence from far-right settlers on Palestinian communities, which are divided into bantustans by the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. The head of the IDF’s Central Command, Maj. Gen. Yehuda Fox, and the head of the Shin Bet intelligence service have reported that police in the West Bank have been ordered not to respond to acts of settler violence.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made clear in a video statement on Wednesday that the Israeli regime remains committed to the resumption of its genocidal onslaught on Gaza. He stated that there is no situation in which they will not go back to fighting until the end.

The Israeli regime’s preparations for the next stage of its ethnic cleansing of Gaza are possible thanks to the unconditional support it receives from the imperialist powers. The Biden administration has stated that it has no intention of restricting its support for the Netanyahu regime.

The Israeli onslaught has already claimed the lives of around 15,000 Palestinians, with thousands more missing. The lack of medical services and aid deliveries to Gaza threaten the population with disease and further catastrophe. The aid that has reached Gaza is inadequate to tackle the dire conditions, including the lack of clean water, overcrowded camps, and a shortage of food, winter clothing, and medical supplies.

These conditions are the result of a conscious policy of ethnic cleansing, publicly admitted by government officials and confirmed in leaked documents. The international community must take a stand against these war crimes and support the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice and freedom.

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