Izazul : “Two Killed in Chennai as Heavy Rains Cause Waterlogging and Electrocution Incidents”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Amidst the relentless downpour in Chennai, heavy rains have caused severe waterlogging in various parts of the city, resulting in two fatalities. One of the victims was a 19-year-old migrant worker identified as Izazul, hailing from Assam. Working as a restaurant staff in T Nagar, he tragically lost his life due to electrocution. Similarly, a 23-year-old employee of a private firm met a similar fate near the Mambalam station during the night.

Reports suggest that Izazul was electrocuted on GN Chetty Road while navigating through the stagnant rainwater. Unfortunately, he accidentally stepped on an exposed live wire from a street light, leading to his untimely demise. The other victim was crossing the waterlogged area of Lake View Road near the Mambalam station when he too stepped on an exposed wire and met a tragic end.

Interestingly, Tamil Nadu Minister for Health and Family Welfare Ma Subramanian had visited the waterlogged areas in Chennai earlier that morning. He expressed concern over the water stagnation in various parts of Mambalam, particularly in West Mambalam, Vadivelu Street, and Lake View Road. The heavy rains had caused overflow from the Kothandaramar temple tank, further exacerbating the situation. To address the issue, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) had deployed multiple pumps to facilitate the removal of excess water.

The unfortunate loss of lives highlights the dire consequences of the ongoing waterlogging in Chennai. With the rainwater accumulating in the low-lying areas, the risk of electrocution increases significantly. The local authorities must take immediate action to ensure the safety of residents and prevent further casualties.

In light of these incidents, it is crucial for the government and concerned authorities to prioritize the improvement of drainage systems and infrastructure in Chennai. This will not only mitigate the risk of waterlogging but also safeguard the lives of the city’s residents. As the city continues to battle the effects of heavy rainfall, it is imperative that comprehensive measures are implemented to address the root causes of such incidents and prevent future tragedies.

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