Jason Anthony Thompson : “Timeline Revealed in Case of Man Found Dead in Macomb County HVAC System”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Authorities have released a detailed timeline shedding light on the mysterious case of a man found deceased in the ventilation system of a building on Macomb Community College’s campus in Clinton Township.

The investigation began when a foul odor permeated a section of the building on Sunday, November 26. It eventually led to the discovery of the body of Jason Anthony Thompson, a 36-year-old man. According to officials, Thompson had informed his family that he was evading law enforcement and was hiding on the college’s center campus.

Thompson’s family last heard from him on October 25, when he sent text messages detailing his efforts to elude the police. He claimed to be on the roof of the college, specifically the performing arts center, seeking refuge within the ventilation system. Disturbingly, all communication abruptly ceased thereafter.

Concerned for Thompson’s safety, his family reported him missing to the Sterling Heights police on November 1. Subsequently, the Sterling Heights police asked the Macomb Community College police to inspect the performing arts center’s roof on November 7, searching for any signs of attempted entry into the ventilation system.

Macomb Community College Police Chief William Leavens explained that his officers examined the roof from an elevated position to survey the area below. However, he emphasized that the access point in question was restricted and not intended for human entry.

The peculiar case took a grim turn on November 26, when college police detected a noxious odor emanating from the Macomb Center. A closer examination led to the discovery of Thompson’s remains lodged in a vent, prompting further scrutiny of the ventilation system.

Chief Leavens revealed that the meshing surrounding the vent appeared to have been tampered with, allowing for Thompson’s ill-fated entry. However, the cramped nature of the space raised questions about whether a person could feasibly access it.

While it is believed that Thompson likely perished shortly after becoming trapped, his family is left with unanswered questions. Could a closer inspection of the vent on November 7 have provided earlier answers? Chief Leavens stated that due to the small size of the area, they did not anticipate the possibility of someone being inside.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities will continue to delve into the circumstances surrounding Thompson’s tragic demise.

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