Kifayat Ayoub Alie : Terrorist Identified: Pinjoora Resident Kifayat Ayoub Alie Linked to J&K Police Attack

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Arrest Made: Kifayat Ayoub Alie, Resident of Pinjoora, Shopian District, Associated with Proscribed Terror Outfit

Arrest Made: Kifayat Ayoub Alie, Resident of Pinjoora, Shopian District, Associated with Proscribed Terror Outfit

Jammu and Kashmir Police


The Jammu and Kashmir Police have successfully apprehended an individual identified as Kifayat Ayoub Alie. Hailing from Pinjoora, a small village in the Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir, Alie has been linked to a proscribed terror outfit.

Arrest Operation

The arrest of Kifayat Ayoub Alie was a result of a well-coordinated operation conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Police. Acting on credible intelligence, the security forces swiftly moved in and apprehended Alie from his residence in Pinjoora.

Involvement with a Proscribed Terror Outfit

Investigations have revealed that Kifayat Ayoub Alie is associated with a proscribed terror outfit. The nature and extent of his involvement are still being determined, as the police continue their inquiries to gather more evidence related to his activities and connections within the organization.

Community Reaction

The arrest of an individual associated with a terror outfit has been met with relief and appreciation from the local community in Pinjoora. The residents have expressed gratitude towards the Jammu and Kashmir Police for their swift action in ensuring the safety and security of the region.

Continued Crackdown on Terrorism

This arrest is part of the ongoing efforts by the security forces to eradicate terrorism from the region. The Jammu and Kashmir Police, along with other security agencies, have been actively conducting operations to identify, apprehend, and neutralize individuals involved in terror-related activities.

Legal Proceedings

Kifayat Ayoub Alie will be produced before the appropriate judicial authorities, where his alleged involvement with the proscribed terror outfit will be presented as per the evidence collected during the investigations. The legal process will determine the course of action against him.


The apprehension of Kifayat Ayoub Alie, a resident of Pinjoora in Shopian district, associated with a proscribed terror outfit, is a significant achievement for the Jammu and Kashmir Police. It showcases their commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region, while also sending a strong message to those involved in unlawful activities.

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