Lamont Bland : “Man Shot Dead by Indianapolis Police After Reported Hostage Situation Near McDonald’s”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : INDIANAPOLIS — A tragic incident unfolded on Thursday evening on Indy’s south side, resulting in the death of a 60-year-old man identified as Lamont Bland. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were forced to take action after responding to a reported hostage situation near a McDonald’s at 4941 Knights Way.

The sequence of events began when officers were called to the area around 7:20 p.m. following reports of a possible disturbance in the sleeping cabin of a semi-truck parked near the fast-food restaurant. As they arrived on the scene, officers spoke with a witness who claimed to have heard a woman screaming and calling for help from inside the truck.

Upon further investigation, it became apparent that a hostage situation was unfolding. A man, later identified as Bland, emerged from the truck’s cabin and briefly sat in the driver’s seat before returning to the back compartment. Officers then heard a woman scream from inside the truck, pleading for help and indicating that she was in imminent danger.

In an attempt to resolve the situation peacefully, officers instructed everyone to exit the truck. However, Bland revealed that he was armed with a knife and had it pressed against the woman’s neck. Despite their best efforts to communicate with him, the situation quickly escalated when officers observed Bland on top of the woman, who was bleeding from her head.

Faced with a critical threat to the woman’s life, an officer discharged their weapon and shot Bland. The injured woman received immediate medical attention for her lacerations before being taken to the homicide office to provide a statement.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that no officers were harmed during the incident. Detectives are currently conducting a thorough investigation, interviewing witnesses, and expect to remain at the scene for several hours. Police do not believe there are any other suspects or active threats in the surrounding area.

This unfortunate incident marks the 17th officer-involved shooting in 2023 for the IMPD, with the tenth resulting in a fatality. The officers involved were equipped with body-worn cameras, which were activated during the incident. IMPD Internal Affairs has opened a separate investigation into the shooting, and the officer who fired the weapon has been placed on administrative leave as per standard procedure.

As the criminal process unfolds, the civilian majority Use of Force Review Board will hold a mandatory hearing. Authorities encourage anyone with information related to the shooting to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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