Nicole Glass Melissa Mason : “Family of Unsolved Murder Victim to Speak Out as Police Seek Leads in Phoenix Case”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Phoenix Family to Speak Out as Police Continue Search for Leads in Unsolved Murder Case

PHOENIX – The family of Nicole Glass, a victim of an unsolved murder case, is preparing to address the public once again as law enforcement authorities tirelessly search for leads. Silent Witness, a non-profit organization dedicated to solving crimes, has announced that the family members will hold a press conference on Friday afternoon, coinciding with the 13th anniversary of Glass’ tragic death.

Nicole Glass and Melissa Mason were discovered dead at a residence in the vicinity of 42nd Street and Thomas on December 3, 2010. Shockingly, Melissa Mason was pregnant at the time of her murder, intensifying the already heart-wrenching nature of the crime. The investigation into this double murder has remained open and unresolved for over a decade.

In an attempt to generate new leads, Silent Witness recently increased the reward for information regarding the case to $13,000. Glass’ mother, Rachel, expressed her hopes that, even after such a prolonged period, someone will come forward and provide crucial information to bring justice to her daughter and Melissa’s unborn child.

“I need justice for her, and justice for Melissa and her unborn child – I mean, how horrific,” Melissa lamented in 2022.

The family’s decision to address the public once again underscores their unwavering determination to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the devastating loss of their loved ones. By speaking out on the anniversary of Nicole’s murder, they aim to reignite public interest and potentially encourage individuals with information to come forward.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Phoenix Police Department, have collaborated closely with the family in their relentless pursuit of justice. Despite the passage of time, authorities remain committed to solving this heinous crime and providing closure to the grieving families.

As the press conference approaches, the family hopes that their impassioned plea will resonate with the community and elicit valuable leads that could finally bring the perpetrators to justice. The event will serve as a reminder that no matter how much time has passed, the pursuit of justice for victims like Nicole Glass and Melissa Mason will persist until answers are found.

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