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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – In a shocking incident that sent ripples of panic through the community, a Houston man has been apprehended and charged with falsely reporting an active shooter at a local business in Montgomery County. Identified as 27-year-old Francisco Hernandez, the suspect is now facing charges of false report to induce emergency response. Hernandez was also taken into custody for an additional warrant related to harassment in Harris County and is presently held at the Montgomery County Jail.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the incident unfolded on the morning of November 25 in the Spring area, near the 100 block of Sawdust Road. Over a span of a few minutes, emergency dispatch received a staggering 13 consecutive 911 calls from the same cell phone number. With each call, the caller abruptly hung up as soon as the call was answered. However, the situation took a more alarming turn when the caller resorted to sending an emergency text message to 911, claiming the presence of an active shooter at a nearby business.

Promptly responding to the distressing situation, deputies swiftly arrived at the reported location, only to discover that it was a false alarm. Further investigation led the authorities to identify Francisco Hernandez as the perpetrator behind the false report. Shockingly, it was revealed that Hernandez had made a total of 44 emergency phone calls to Montgomery County Dispatch within the past two months.

Subsequently, a warrant was swiftly obtained for Hernandez’s arrest, resulting in his apprehension on Thursday. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has strongly condemned such abuse of the emergency services, highlighting its illegality and emphasizing the potential risks it poses to both law enforcement personnel and the general public. The unnecessary diversion of resources from genuine emergencies due to false reports not only poses a threat to public safety but also hampers the effective response to actual life-threatening situations.

In light of this incident, the sheriff’s office emphasizes the importance of responsible utilization of the 911 services, stressing that they should only be employed in cases of genuine emergencies. Such responsible usage is vital to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved. As the case against Francisco Hernandez unfolds, the community remains shaken by the potential consequences of false reports and the importance of preserving the integrity of emergency services.

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