Philip Pasingda : “Family of 22-year-old South Sudanese immigrant seeks justice after his fatal shooting in Baltimore County”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : New Details Emerge in Shooting Death of South Sudanese Immigrant in Baltimore County

ESSEX, Md. — A devastating tragedy has struck a South Sudanese family who sought refuge in America from the horrors of war. Philip Pasingda, a 22-year-old immigrant, was shot and killed in Baltimore County, leaving his family shattered and desperate for justice.

The Pasingda family arrived in America in 2005, hoping to find safety and security. However, their hopes were shattered when they received the heartbreaking news of Philip’s death in a double shooting incident in Essex, just a day before Thanksgiving.

In an emotional interview with WMAR, Philip’s father, James Pasingda, his mother, Ayak Deng, and his uncle, Peter Abdalla, opened up about their pain and the devastating loss they have experienced. Deng expressed her anguish, saying, “It’s very painful, but I ask God to keep me strong.”

Deng raced to Hopkins Bayview Hospital in an Uber after receiving the devastating news. She tearfully recalled the moment, saying, “I was inside the Uber with the driver, crying. The Uber driver was calming me down, saying, ‘Ma’am, everything’s going to be okay. Just hold yourself. Be strong.'”

The family left war-torn South Sudan nearly two decades ago, seeking a safer and better life in America. Tragically, their dreams were shattered when their son became a victim of gun violence, a stark reminder of the dangers that exist even in their new homeland.

The family is still grappling with the unknown circumstances surrounding Philip’s death and is desperately seeking justice. They are urging the public to come forward with any information that might assist the Baltimore County Police in their investigation.

Philip had returned home for the holiday and was visiting his younger brother in another neighborhood when the shooting occurred. The family expressed that they do not know the other 19-year-old victim who survived the incident.

Deng described the pain of losing her son, saying, “I came a long way with these kids, for a better life when I came here, so they can have a good life and go to school. Be a better person. Because we come from a country of war, I didn’t know that something like this would happen. So, it hurt me a lot.”

In their plea for justice, the family is calling for an end to the senseless violence that has claimed the lives of countless young individuals. They are urging anyone with information to come forward and assist the Baltimore County Police in their investigation.

As of now, the Baltimore County Police have not provided an update on the case. The family remains hopeful that the public’s cooperation will help bring closure and justice for their beloved son, Philip Pasingda.

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