Pradit (surname withheld) : “24-Year-Old Man with Drug Addiction Shoots Grandfather in Sukhothai”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : 24-Year-Old Thai Man with Drug Addiction Problems Fatally Shoots Grandfather

In a tragic incident that has left a small district in Sukhothai province in shock, a 24-year-old Thai man with a long-standing drug addiction problem shot and killed his own grandfather. The accused, identified as Yotsaphat, had been struggling with drug addiction since his high school years, causing distress to his family.

The incident unfolded when Yotsaphat’s mother, who had traveled from Bangkok to take him to rehab, arrived home to attend her father’s funeral instead. It was then that she discovered the horrifying truth of her son’s actions. The local police were alerted to a shooting and upon arrival at the scene, found the lifeless body of Pradit, Yotsaphat’s 68-year-old grandfather.

According to Wann, Pradit’s wife, they had been raising Yotsaphat since he was a young boy. Unfortunately, his drug addiction had taken a toll on their lives. Yotsaphat would often ask them for money to buy drugs or resort to stealing food from their pantry, forcing them to lock it up. Tensions escalated on the day of the incident when Yotsaphat threatened to harm his grandmother, but his mother intervened. This led to an argument with Pradit, who was on his way to feed the cows, and tragically ended with Yotsaphat shooting his own grandfather.

Malai, Yotsaphat’s mother, tearfully recounted the challenges they had faced due to her son’s severe drug addiction. She had installed CCTV cameras to monitor his behavior and had sought help from the police in the past, reporting his violent tendencies towards his grandparents. However, the police could only detain him for a few days before releasing him, which proved to be inadequate.

The devastating incident has left the family in deep sorrow and the local community in shock. Yotsaphat is currently on the run, and the police are actively searching for him. This heartbreaking event serves as a reminder of the devastating impact that drug addiction can have on individuals and their loved ones. It also highlights the urgent need for better support systems and rehabilitation programs for those battling addiction.

As the family mourns the loss of their beloved Pradit, they hope that Yotsaphat will receive the help he needs to overcome his addiction and find a path towards healing and redemption.

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