Sheikh Shaukat : “Man Shoots Grandfather Dead in Bihar’s West Champaran Over Land Dispute”

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Shot Dead.

Man Shoots Grandfather Dead In Bihar’s West Champaran Over Land Dispute. (Representative image)

Tragic Incident in Champaran: Man Fatally Shoots Grandfather in Land Dispute

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded in Bihar’s West Champaran district, a man allegedly shot dead his own grandfather during a heated argument over a land dispute. The accused has been identified as Shahid Ali, also known as Chand Sheikh, who reportedly shot Sheikh Shaukat, aged 70, in the head before fleeing the scene. The incident occurred in Bastha village, under the jurisdiction of Mainatad police station, according to a report by IANS.

Upon receiving information about the incident, local authorities promptly arrived at the scene and took the deceased’s body for a post-mortem examination, aiming to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Initial investigations reveal that Shaukat had two sons, namely Sheikh Ashraf and Sheikh Asghar, along with a daughter. The deceased had already divided his property, bequeathing portions to Asghar and his daughter, while seemingly excluding Ashraf from the distribution. Additionally, Shaukat had retained 12 Katha lands for his personal sustenance.

The motive behind the crime appears to be the ongoing dispute between Ali, Ashraf’s son, and Shaukat over the registration of these 12 Katha lands. The elderly man had been resisting Ali’s demands, igniting a quarrel that tragically resulted in his demise.

Law enforcement authorities are actively investigating the matter, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice. They are tirelessly working to apprehend the accused, Shahid Ali, to bring him to face the consequences of his alleged heinous act.

This unfortunate incident serves as a harsh reminder of the importance of resolving disputes through peaceful means and dialogue. It underscores the need for effective communication and conflict resolution within families to prevent such tragic outcomes.

As the investigation unfolds, the local community and authorities mourn the loss of Sheikh Shaukat, reflecting upon the devastating consequences that arise from unresolved conflicts and the urgent need for societal harmony.

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