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Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Vermont State Police Respond to Violation of Conditions of Release in Derby

DERBY, VT – In a recent incident, the Vermont State Police swiftly responded to a report of an unwanted male at a residence in Derby Line. The incident, which occurred on the evening of November 30, 2023, raised concerns as the individual in question, identified as 47-year-old Paul Therrien from Newport, VT, was found to be in violation of court-ordered conditions of release.

Upon receiving the report at approximately 9:09 pm, Trooper Jesse Nash of the Derby station was dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, Trooper Nash initiated an investigation into the matter. It was discovered that Therrien had been placed under a 24-hour curfew as part of his conditions of release. However, he had allegedly disregarded these restrictions by being present at the Derby Line residence.

Vermont State Police promptly took Therrien into custody and transported him to the Derby barracks for processing. Subsequently, he was released on a citation, with a scheduled court appearance set for December 7, 2023, at 8:30 am in Orleans Superior Court.

Authorities remind the public that court dates and times are subject to change at the discretion of the court. To confirm the arraignment time, individuals are urged to contact the criminal court clerk.

In order to protect the privacy of the victim, the Vermont State Police does not release the names of victims involved in cases of sexual assault or domestic violence.

The Vermont State Police, under the Department of Public Safety, continue to work diligently to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. Incidents such as these are taken seriously, and law enforcement officials remain committed to upholding court-ordered conditions and protecting the rights of all individuals involved.

For further information or inquiries regarding this incident, please contact Trooper Jesse Nash at 802-334-8881.


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