The victims or deceased name is not mentioned in the provided text. : “Tantric Baba Caught Tearing Dead Dog’s Flesh on National Highway-44, Mob Takes Justice into Their Hands”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Morena (Madhya Pradesh): A shocking and horrifying incident unfolded in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, where a tantric baba was witnessed engaged in a gruesome act of tearing apart the flesh of a deceased dog using only his bare hands. This disturbing scene took place on National Highway-44, near Karua village, within the jurisdiction of the Noorabad police station. The sight was so repugnant that it compelled passing commuters to intervene and take matters into their own hands, delivering a harsh beating to the baba before subsequently turning him over to the local authorities.

Law enforcement officials, however, deemed the tantric baba innocent and refrained from taking any punitive action against him or the mob. Consequently, the baba was released. The incident, captured on video, has since gone viral on various social media platforms, stirring up a wave of public outrage.

According to reports, the lifeless body of a stray dog was discovered earlier that morning, having fallen victim to an unidentified vehicle near Karua village on National Highway-44. It was during his journey along the highway that the tantric baba noticed the lifeless canine. Without hesitation, he proceeded to gruesomely tear open its stomach using only his hands. As if that weren’t horrifying enough, he proceeded to scratch the dog after removing its entrails. A passerby managed to record the harrowing scene, which led to a gathering of concerned individuals who were appalled by the baba’s actions.

The video footage clearly depicted the baba indulging in the consumption of the dog’s flesh. This revelation incensed the crowd, who took matters into their own hands. They apprehended the baba, subjecting him to a severe beating before handing him over to the Noorabad police.

The tantric baba has been identified as Gangaram. No weapons were found in his possession, nor were any traces of blood discovered on his face. Given that the dog’s demise was the result of an unidentified vehicle, no legal action has been taken against the baba. Furthermore, the baba has not sought any retribution against his attackers, leading to the resolution of the matter.

This gruesome incident serves as a reminder of the depths to which depravity can sink. It has left the local community shaken, prompting discussions about stricter regulations and the need for increased awareness regarding such heinous acts.

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