The victims or deceased names from the given information are: 1. M Praveenkumar 2. Sudarshan 3. Prakasam : “Three Killed in Road Accident near Salem as Truck Collides with Van”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Three individuals tragically lost their lives in a devastating road accident near Salem on Thursday. The incident occurred when a truck collided with a pick-up van that was being used to transport goods.

The three passengers in the van, identified as M Praveenkumar, Sudarshan, and Prakasam, were crushed to death upon impact. The truck driver, Pechimuthu, sustained severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Praveenkumar hailed from Villupuram, Sudarshan from Arakkonam, and Prakasam from Gudiyatham. Pechimuthu is a resident of Tirunelveli.

The collision took place as Pechimuthu was en route from Nilavarapatti to Chennai, carrying empty bottles for cool drinks in his truck. As the truck approached Kilakukadu, it collided with the van traveling in the opposite direction. The force of the impact caused significant damage to the front portion of the van, trapping all three passengers inside the mangled vehicle.

Passers-by attempted to rescue the victims but were unsuccessful in their efforts. They promptly alerted the police and fire service personnel. Vazhapadi DSP P Harishankari led a team to the scene of the accident, but unfortunately, by the time they arrived, the three passengers had already succumbed to their injuries.

After a challenging hour-long struggle, the bodies of the victims were finally retrieved from the wreckage by the fire and rescue services personnel. The police sent the bodies for a postmortem examination to determine the exact cause of death.

The accident resulted in significant traffic congestion on the Salem-Chennai highway for nearly an hour. To alleviate the situation, a crane was brought in from a nearby tollgate to remove the vehicles involved in the collision.

Pechimuthu, the truck driver, was taken to the Vazhapadi government hospital for treatment. Although he sustained a leg fracture, his condition is reported to be stable.

Road accidents like these serve as a stark reminder of the importance of exercising caution and adhering to traffic rules while traveling. The loss of three lives in this tragic incident is a devastating blow to their families and loved ones. It is crucial for authorities to continue their efforts in promoting road safety and implementing measures to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future.

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