There are no victims or deceased individuals mentioned in the given text. : Georgia Republicans Advance New Legislative District Maps, Ignoring Democratic Proposals

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Georgia Republican lawmakers made progress on Thursday in advancing new legislative district maps through Senate and House committees. However, their proposed maps were met with opposition from Democratic legislators who argue that their own maps better comply with a federal court order to create seven new majority Black legislative districts.

The House and Senate district maps endorsed by state Republican lawmakers are expected to be voted on in the Senate and House chambers on Friday. This comes ahead of a December 8 deadline set by U.S. District Court Judge Steve C. Jones for the state to have new maps ready for the 2024 election.

Senate and House Republicans claim that their revised legislative districts meet the court’s mandate to create seven new majority Black districts. However, Democrats argue that their proposed redistricting plan is better designed to withstand scrutiny from the judge.

If the state fails to adopt new maps that address the dilution of Black voting power, the court may step in and draw Georgia’s new districts. The Republican-drawn maps have faced criticism from voting rights groups and Democratic legislators for shifting a large number of Black voters from predominantly Black districts to create new majority Black district boundaries.

Judge Jones ruled last month that Georgia’s Republican-controlled legislature violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 when it redrew voting maps in a way that diluted the power of Black voters. The 2021 redistricting effort followed a 2020 Census count that showed an increase in Georgia’s Black population.

Democratic legislators presented their own maps that aim to create two new majority Black districts south of Atlanta. These districts would include a significant number of Black voters who currently reside in minority Black districts. The proposed maps also aim to shift boundaries to better reflect the changing demographics of certain areas.

Republicans argue that the Democratic maps do not meet the requirement of having five districts with over 50% Black population. However, Democrats defend their proposal, stating that it offers a Black plurality that satisfies the judge’s order.

The debate over the new legislative district maps is likely to continue as both parties aim to ensure fair representation for their constituents. The final decision will ultimately rest with the court, which will assess the compliance of the proposed maps with the Voting Rights Act.

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