There are no victims or deceased mentioned in the provided text. : “Toronto Realtor Offers Unusual Roommate Opportunity: Share a Bed for $900 a Month”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Looking to find an affordable room in Canada but struggling with the high prices? Well, here’s an alternative that you may not have considered before. A real estate agent based in Toronto recently made an intriguing announcement, revealing that someone in the city was on the lookout for a bedmate. Yes, you read that right – this individual was seeking a roommate to share the half part of their bed.

The advertisement, which gained immediate attention, was unfortunately deleted from the Facebook Marketplace where it was originally posted. The person behind this unique proposition had previously shared a bedroom with only one queen-sized bed with a roommate they found on Facebook, and it had worked out perfectly well. Encouraged by this positive experience, they decided to search for an easy-going female to share the bed with.

The realtor responsible for this unconventional roommate search is Anya Ettinger. In news reports, she expressed her astonishment at the Toronto rental market, stating, “Just when you thought the Toronto rental market couldn’t get any worse, it did. To share a queen-sized bed with someone who is not your partner, and that too for a whopping $900 a month – it’s mind-boggling.”

While most people are accustomed to renting houses or rooms, the idea of sharing just a bed turned out to be quite bizarre. The monthly price set for this arrangement was approximately $900, which translates to around 55,000 INR.

This peculiar situation highlights the extreme challenges faced by many individuals in the Toronto rental market, where prices have skyrocketed. As housing costs continue to rise, people are forced to explore unconventional options in order to find affordable accommodation.

It remains to be seen whether this unique proposition will find any takers, but it certainly raises questions about the current state of the rental market in Toronto. As housing becomes increasingly unaffordable, creative solutions like bed sharing may become more prevalent. Only time will tell if this trend catches on or if it remains an isolated case.

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