Emmanuel Yacoub : “Modesto Man Arrested After Firing Gun at Funeral Service, Prompting School Lockdown”

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Man Arrested for Firing Gun at Funeral Service, Prompting Lockdown at Turlock School

A Modesto man was apprehended by the Turlock Police Department on Wednesday morning after he fired his gun at a funeral service, prompting a brief lockdown at a nearby Turlock school. The suspect, identified as 69-year-old Emmanuel Yacoub, was taken into custody on charges of negligent discharge of a firearm.

The incident occurred just before 11:30 a.m. at Turlock Memorial Park located at 575 N. Soderquist Dr. An armed security guard at the park immediately contacted the police department, reporting that a man had discharged multiple shots into the air during a funeral service. Disturbingly, the shots were fired in close proximity to several mourners.

Thanks to the swift response of the security guard, the police department was provided with a detailed description of the suspect, as well as the vehicle in which he fled the scene. Turlock Police spokeswoman Dominique Sanchez confirmed that multiple officers promptly responded to the area and successfully located the suspect’s vehicle nearby. Employing cautionary measures, the officers performed a high-risk stop and apprehended Yacoub, placing him in handcuffs at gunpoint.

Following the arrest, a thorough search of Yacoub’s vehicle was conducted, resulting in the discovery of a firearm. As a precautionary measure, the gunshots and subsequent arrest prompted a brief lockdown at Osborn Elementary School, located in close proximity to the incident, ensuring the safety of the students and staff.

The Turlock Police Department commended the armed security guard for their vigilance and swift action in reporting the incident, which ultimately led to the apprehension of the suspect. Authorities are currently investigating the motive behind Yacoub’s reckless behavior and whether any specific individuals were targeted during the funeral service.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of community vigilance and cooperation with law enforcement. The Turlock Police Department urges anyone with additional information regarding this incident to come forward and assist with the ongoing investigation.

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