Nana Obeng Owusu Junior : “Law student dies mysteriously after receiving unprescribed injection at clinic”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Tragedy struck at the Ewim Polyclinic in the Cape Coast Metropolis when a 19-year-old law student, Nana Obeng Owusu Junior, died under mysterious circumstances just two minutes after receiving an unprescribed injection. The incident has raised concerns and sparked demands for a thorough investigation and accountability from the clinic.

According to reports, Nana, who was suffering from an asthma attack, was taken to the clinic for nebulizer treatment. However, instead of receiving the prescribed treatment, he was injected with an unidentified substance by a nurse named Michael. Shockingly, Nana fell asleep within two minutes of receiving the injection and passed away shortly after.

Nelly Mills, the grieving mother of the deceased, recounted the distressing events that unfolded at the clinic. She expressed shock and concern over the clinic’s handling of the situation, alleging that they quickly arranged for a hearse and took her son’s body to the University of Cape Coast morgue without her consent. Mills also revealed that her son’s body was embalmed without her permission, adding to her anguish.

The incident has sparked a call for a thorough investigation by the Ghana Health Service and security agencies to uncover the cause of this tragic incident and ensure justice for the bereaved family. The family is determined to seek answers and hold the clinic accountable for their loss.

Meanwhile, in other unfortunate news, a promising student from Multimedia University was found dead in the hostel washrooms. The fourth-year Mathematics and Computer Science student’s friends disclosed that he had refused to accompany them for a night out on the day of his death. An initial probe suggests that he may have harmed himself, leaving the university community in shock and grief.

These incidents highlight the need for proper medical care and mental health support in educational institutions. It is crucial for authorities to conduct thorough investigations to determine the circumstances surrounding these tragic deaths and implement measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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