Rajbir : Man in East Delhi dies after being hit by vehicle: Police investigation underway.

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : NEW DELHI: A tragic incident occurred in east Delhi when a 35-year-old man lost his life after being struck by a vehicle, according to a police official. The deceased, identified as Rajbir, hailed from the district of Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh but resided in Mandawali.

The incident unfolded on Friday around 11:30 p.m. as a police team conducted their routine patrol. During their patrol, they noticed a gathering of people at a U-turn that led to Meerut Point in the Mandawali area. Sensing something amiss, the patrolling officers swiftly approached the scene.

Upon reaching the spot, the officers were confronted with a grim sight—a lifeless body laying near a footpath. A senior police official shared, “The patrolling team discovered a deceased man lying on the ground adjacent to the footpath.” Further examination of the body revealed visible injuries on the victim’s face.

To ensure a comprehensive investigation, additional police personnel were summoned to the location. The crime team, accompanied by forensic experts from the FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory), arrived promptly to gather evidence and assess the situation. The deceased’s body was then carefully transported to the mortuary for further examination and analysis.

Based on the findings of the FSL and crime teams’ inspection, an FIR (First Information Report) has been registered under sections 279 and 304 A of the Indian Penal Code. These sections pertain to rash driving or riding on a public way and causing death by negligence, respectively. The registration of the FIR marks the initiation of a formal investigation into the incident.

Authorities are now focused on unraveling the circumstances surrounding the accident and determining the vehicle and individual responsible for the untimely demise of Rajbir. As the investigation progresses, the police will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice and ensuring accountability.

The community mourns the loss of Rajbir, a native of Shahjahanpur who met an unfortunate end in the bustling streets of Delhi.

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