The victims or deceased individuals in this case are not mentioned in the given information. : “Organized Gang Arrested in Lucknow for Issuing Fake Birth, Death, and Covid Vaccine Certificates”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : LUCKNOW: In a major breakthrough, the Special Task Force (STF) in Lucknow has busted an organized gang involved in providing fake franchises for creating birth, death, and Covid vaccine certificates. The gang, consisting of three members, was apprehended from Barabirwa Nahariya Crossing in Lucknow on Saturday. The arrest of the mastermind, Shahil, in Ghaziabad led to the capture of the other members.

The three individuals arrested have been identified as Mohammad Arman from Bahraich, Sahim Ansari from Kushinagar, and Mohammad Afzal from Jaunpur district. During the operation, the STF team seized three laptops, five mobile phones, one Aadhar Card, one PAN card, 15 forged documents, and Rs 1.25 lakh in cash.

According to Additional SP of STF, Vishal Vikram, the gang was involved in the production of fake birth, death, and Covid vaccine certificates using counterfeit websites and software. These fraudulent certificates enabled individuals to exploit various government schemes and insurance claims illegally. The gang had distributed a total of 436 franchises across India.

During the interrogation, the accused confessed to their crimes, revealing that they had obtained the fraudulent franchise from Mohammad Sahil in Ghaziabad. They were aware of Sahil’s fraudulent activities and his use of a fake website that closely resembled authorized government websites. The police are now investigating the departments where these fake certificates were used for birth, death, and Covid vaccination.

The STF’s successful operation in busting this gang has dealt a severe blow to the illegal production of fake certificates. It highlights the need for stringent measures to prevent such fraudulent activities and protect the integrity of official government documents.

The STF has urged the public to be cautious and verify the authenticity of any certificates or documents obtained from unknown sources. They have also assured that further investigations are underway to identify and apprehend any other individuals involved in this illegal operation.

The arrest of these gang members is a significant achievement for the STF and a step towards maintaining the credibility of government-issued certificates. The authorities are determined to crack down on such criminal activities and ensure that the public does not fall victim to fraudulent schemes.

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