Victims or deceased names: – Bassey Sardauna (teacher at Government Day Secondary School Model, Jalingo, Taraba State) – James Williams (former student, identified as the attacker) : Teacher’s Murder Sparks Concerns Over School Security in Taraba State

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : All Bassey Sardauna, a teacher at Government Day Secondary School Model in Jalingo, Taraba State, was known for his dedication to ensuring his students stayed away from negative influences that could hinder their future prospects. However, his kind-hearted nature seemed to have earned him the hatred of some unruly students, ultimately leading to his untimely death on November 9th. A visit to the school on November 22nd revealed a lack of security measures, with no security personnel or checks in place. This raised concerns among the staff, who feared that the school was vulnerable to attacks from troublemakers. The absence of a perimeter fence also made the school porous and susceptible to intruders.

Teachers from other schools in the state, such as Government Science Secondary School Jalingo and Government Day Secondary School Sunkani, expressed similar concerns about the lack of security in schools across the state. They called on the government and community leaders to take immediate action to address this issue and ensure the safety of students and staff.

A student who witnessed the altercation between Bassey and the former student recounted how the incident unfolded. The former student had entered the school grounds with a friend, ignoring Bassey’s instructions to walk behind the assembly. When Bassey disciplined him with a cane, a commotion broke out. It was later revealed that the former student had come to the school to seek assistance from one of the teachers for his Air Force application.

Bassey’s wife, Mercy, revealed that her husband had a premonition of danger and had been feeling uneasy for over two weeks prior to his death. She described how he had changed his mind about going to work on the day of the incident and stayed back at the hospital where she was visiting her mother. She expressed her profound grief at the loss of her husband and best friend.

The school principal, Mr. Roberts Moses, praised Bassey as one of the best teachers in the school, highlighting his jovial nature and dedication to his colleagues. He assured that the school was working with the police to improve security measures, including regular searches of students and the presence of police personnel at the gate. He also mentioned plans to organize a psychological healing program for both teachers and students to address the trauma caused by the incident.

In conclusion, the tragic death of All Bassey Sardauna has highlighted the urgent need for improved security measures in schools across Taraba State. The government, community leaders, and school authorities must come together to ensure the safety of teachers and students, as well as provide the necessary support and counseling to help them cope with the psychological impact of such incidents.

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