Victims or deceased names from Casualties: – Montaser al-Sawaf – Abdullah Darwish – Adham Hassoneh : “Over 15,000 Killed and 40,000 Wounded in Gaza Strip, Airstrikes Continue”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Casualties continue to rise in the Gaza Strip as Israeli airstrikes kill hundreds of Palestinians since the collapse of the truce on Friday. The Gaza Ministry of Health has confirmed that 15,207 Palestinians have been killed, including 6,150 children, and 40,752 wounded. However, some rights groups estimate the death toll to be closer to 20,000. Among those killed are three journalists, bringing the total number of Palestinian journalists killed since October 7 to 67.

The situation in Gaza has been described as a “mass assassination factory” by +972 Magazine, which revealed that the Israeli army is using artificial intelligence to generate military targets. The United States has reportedly sent Israel 15,000 bombs and 57,000 artillery shells since October 7.

International organizations have called for an international investigation into the deaths of five Palestinian babies found dead in a hospital forcibly evacuated by Israeli forces. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has stated that all elements point to the Israeli army’s responsibility in a deadly attack on an evacuation convoy on November 18.

In the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, 247 Palestinians have been killed. The Israeli army has also injured a number of Palestinians and settlers have staged attacks on Palestinian communities.

The resumption of Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip has caused a significant increase in casualties. In the first 24 hours, at least 193 Palestinians were killed and 652 wounded. Israeli bombs have targeted the entire Gaza Strip, with the city of Khan Younis being particularly affected.

Humanitarian agencies have expressed alarm at the situation, stating that it is beyond crisis point. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has described the situation as unacceptable, with the people of Gaza living surrounded by disease, destruction, and death.

Palestinian resistance groups have reported engaging in battles with Israeli ground forces and firing missiles towards the Gaza envelope and Tel Aviv. Negotiations for a truce are still ongoing, with Qatar mediating the talks.

The fate of the 136 captives still held in Gaza is stoking tensions in Israel. Relatives of those being held have criticized the government’s preference for military action over the release of hostages. Demonstrations calling for the release of hostages have taken place outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home.

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