Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab : “Terrorist Plot Probe After Deadly Paris Stabbing: French authorities investigate suspected attack”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Terrorist Plot Investigation Launched Following Fatal Stabbing in Paris

French authorities have initiated a probe into a suspected “terrorist plot” after a man with a history of radical Islamism and mental health issues stabbed and killed a tourist in central Paris. The attack, which occurred near the iconic Eiffel Tower on Saturday night, also left two other individuals injured. The incident took place amidst heightened tensions in the country due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The attacker, identified as Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab, a French national of Iranian descent born in 1997, was swiftly apprehended following the knife and hammer assault. Prosecutors specializing in terrorist incidents have charged him with murder in connection with the death of a 23-year-old German-Filipino citizen. Additionally, Rajabpour-Miyandoab is being investigated for attempted murder against a 66-year-old British citizen and a 60-year-old French national.

During the attack, Rajabpour-Miyandoab shouted “Allahu Akbar,” which translates to “God is greatest” in Arabic, according to Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. Speaking to the police, the suspect expressed his anger over the killing of Muslims in Afghanistan and Palestine and accused France of being complicit in the actions of Israel in the Gaza Strip.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne asserted that the nation would not succumb to terrorism, while President Emmanuel Macron extended his condolences to the victim’s family, labeling the incident a “terrorist attack.” Security sources confirmed that the attacker had posted a video on social media claiming responsibility for the attack, where he spoke about current events, the government, and the alleged murder of innocent Muslims.

Authorities are now delving into Rajabpour-Miyandoab’s medical history, citing concerns over his mental stability and susceptibility to influence. The assailant had previously been convicted in 2016 for planning another attack in Paris, which he ultimately failed to carry out.

Eyewitnesses described the chaotic scene, with screams and pleas for help echoing as people scattered in fear. A brave taxi driver intervened, saving the victim’s wife from harm. The attacker then proceeded to cross a nearby bridge, where he wielded a hammer, injuring another person. The pursuing police were able to neutralize the assailant with a taser before making the arrest.

France has experienced several Islamist extremist attacks, most notably the November 2015 Paris attacks claimed by the Islamic State group, which resulted in the deaths of 130 individuals. While the country has experienced a relative lull in recent years, officials have consistently warned of the persistent threat. The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has further heightened tensions in France, which is home to significant Jewish and Muslim populations.

With the 2024 Summer Olympic Games scheduled to take place in Paris, security measures are under scrutiny. The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by French authorities in safeguarding the nation against terrorism.

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