BREAKING: Premier Smith attends global AA convention, promotes Alberta’s alcohol industry. #ableg #cdnpoli,

BREAKING: The Queen of Stupid, Alberta Premier @ABDanielleSmith, arrives at global Alcoholics Anonymous convention with 100 barkeeps all set to promote her little fiefdom on the world stage by serving wine and beer but not spirits. #ableg #cdnpoli…

In a shocking turn of events, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has managed to become the talk of the town once again, this time by making a controversial appearance at a global Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) convention. The Premier, often dubbed as the “Queen of Stupid,” arrived with a team of 100 barkeeps, all poised to serve wine and beer while conveniently avoiding spirits.

The news of Premier Smith’s attendance at the AA convention has sent shockwaves across the political spectrum. Many are questioning the Premier’s decision to promote her province on such a global platform while disregarding the sensitivity and purpose of the event. Critics argue that her actions display a lack of understanding and respect for the struggles faced by those battling alcohol addiction.

The Premier’s arrival at the convention was met with mixed reactions. While some attendees were taken aback by the audacity of her presence, others saw it as an opportunity to engage in dialogue and raise awareness about alcohol-related issues. However, the decision to serve wine and beer exclusively, excluding spirits, has sparked significant outrage among convention participants.

Social media platforms have erupted with criticism and confusion, with the hashtag #QueenOfStupid trending on Twitter. Users questioned the Premier’s intentions and accused her of using the convention as a platform for self-promotion rather than addressing the critical issues at hand.

One Twitter user, @captaindick12, tweeted, “Premier Smith’s presence at the AA convention is a disgrace. How can she claim to support recovery while serving alcohol to recovering addicts? This is a mockery of the struggle they face every day. #QueenOfStupid”

The Premier’s team of 100 barkeeps, seemingly oblivious to the controversy, began setting up their stations to serve wine and beer. While alcohol is traditionally forbidden at AA meetings, the Premier’s decision to serve limited options has further fueled the ongoing debate surrounding her actions.

Critics argue that the Premier’s presence at the convention may undermine the efforts of participants and the organization as a whole. AA conventions serve as a safe space for individuals seeking support and recovery, and many believe that the Premier’s actions have compromised that environment.

In response to the backlash, Premier Smith’s office released a statement defending her decision. The statement emphasized the importance of showcasing Alberta’s local products and promoting the province’s economy on an international stage. However, the explanation failed to address the concerns raised by convention attendees and the public.

As the convention progresses, it remains to be seen how Premier Smith’s presence and her team’s serving choices will impact the overall atmosphere and discussions. Many participants are hoping for a constructive dialogue and an opportunity to shed light on the challenges faced by those battling alcohol addiction.

However, Premier Smith’s decision to prioritize self-promotion and disregard the sensitivity of the event has cast a dark shadow over the convention. It serves as a stark reminder that even those in positions of power can make questionable decisions that ultimately impact the very people they are meant to serve.

As the controversy surrounding Premier Danielle Smith’s attendance at the AA convention continues to unfold, it raises important questions about the responsibility of leaders in promoting understanding and support for those struggling with addiction.,
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