Gurjant Singh : “Barber Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Man and Dumping Body Outside Salon in Sohana’s Kandala Village”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Police have apprehended the main suspect in a murder case that occurred in Sohana’s Kandala village on November 23. The suspect, identified as Ameer Khan, is a barber residing in Nadiali, Sohana. The victim, Gurjant Singh, had spent two hours inside Ameer’s shop before he was allegedly murdered and left on the road. CCTV footage captured Ameer fleeing the scene after abandoning Gurjant’s lifeless body.

Following the crime, Ameer contacted Gurjant’s brother, Jasvir Singh, claiming to have found him injured on the road. However, the police have determined that Ameer was responsible for Gurjant’s injuries and subsequent death. Ameer was produced before a local court, which remanded him in police custody for three days. The authorities now aim to uncover the motive behind the brutal crime and the methods employed by Ameer to carry it out.

Jasvir, a resident of Bakarpur, Sohana, provided a statement to the police, revealing that Gurjant had visited Ameer’s salon around 11:15 pm on November 23. Later that night, Ameer informed Jasvir that Gurjant was lying unconscious in a deep pothole near the shop, sustaining multiple injuries. Jasvir immediately rushed to the scene and transported his brother to GMCH in Sector 32. Tragically, medical professionals declared Gurjant dead upon arrival.

Upon reviewing CCTV footage, investigators discovered Ameer dragging Gurjant out of the shop and leaving him on the road. Consequently, the Sohana police charged Ameer with murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, along with causing the disappearance of evidence of the offense and providing false information to screen the offender under Section 201.

Sources indicate that Ameer and Gurjant consumed alcohol within the closed confines of the salon. As the investigation continues, authorities will delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the murder and gather additional evidence.

The arrest of Ameer Khan signifies a significant breakthrough in the murder case, providing hope for justice to be served for Gurjant Singh and his grieving family.

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