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GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A Greenbrier family had a terrifying encounter when they discovered an unknown man inside their residence. The incident has left the family feeling uneasy and cautious about their safety.

According to Lt. Curt Allen of the Greenbrier Police, several 911 calls were received reporting a suspicious man in the vicinity of Old Greenbrier Pike. Witnesses described a white male wearing a dark-colored jacket who was seen running into a shed in the backyard of a nearby house. However, the suspect managed to elude the homeowner’s sight.

While responding to the first call, the police received another report of a suspicious person on Mitchell Street, just two streets away. The victim stated that a white male matching the previous description approached his vehicle and opened the door while he was sitting inside. Startled, the victim scared off the suspect by remaining in the car. Shortly after, a neighbor captured the suspect on video crossing her yard, providing further evidence of his presence.

Approximately an hour later, the police received yet another distress call regarding a residential burglary in progress on Lynwood Drive, located approximately half a mile from Mitchell Street. Responding swiftly, the Greenbrier police arrived at the scene and found the suspect still inside the targeted home.

Identified as 39-year-old Charles Mann of White House, the suspect was apprehended without incident. Lt. Allen revealed that at the time of the break-in, there were three young children present in the house. Mann has since been charged with Aggravated Burglary and Carjacking, and he is currently being held at the Robertson County Detention Facility in Springfield on a $40,000 bond.

The incident has left the Greenbrier community on edge, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant and taking necessary precautions to ensure personal safety. The quick response and apprehension by the Greenbrier Police Department have helped alleviate some of the concerns surrounding the incident.

This alarming incident serves as a reminder for residents to report any suspicious activity promptly. The Greenbrier Police Department is urging residents to remain cautious and to secure their homes properly. By working together and staying vigilant, the community can help deter criminal activity and ensure a safer environment for all.

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