Shamman Khaskheli, Gulsher Khaskheli, Munnawar Khaskheli : “Three Brothers Killed in Fatal Head-On Collision, Suspected Outlaw Shot Dead by Police”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Three brothers tragically lost their lives in a devastating head-on collision between a motorcycle and a truck on the Sakrand-Sarhari link road in Hyderabad. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, resulted in the immediate death of the three siblings, while another brother sustained severe injuries. The deceased have been identified as 18-year-old Shamman Khaskheli, 40-year-old Gulsher Khaskheli, and 24-year-old Munnawar Khaskheli. Following the accident, all the bodies, as well as the injured brother, were promptly transported to the tehsil hospital in Sakrand. Meanwhile, the driver of the truck managed to escape from the scene, prompting the police to impound the vehicle and launch a search operation to apprehend the responsible driver.

In another incident, the Hyderabad police engaged in a fatal encounter with a suspected outlaw named Imtiaz Jatoi in the B-Section police station’s jurisdiction. The encounter unfolded near Bismillah City in Latifabad, resulting in Jatoi’s demise. The police spokesperson revealed that Jatoi was a wanted criminal involved in multiple robbery cases reported by various police stations, including Market, Cantt, A-Section, and B-Section. Furthermore, CCTV footage obtained after separate robbery incidents provided evidence of Jatoi’s participation in the crimes. The suspect had been named in eleven First Information Reports (FIRs) lodged at Qasimabad, Cantt, GOR, A-Section, and B-Section police stations, in addition to two police stations in Karachi. Following the encounter, Jatoi’s body was transferred to Liaquat University Hospital for medico-legal procedures.

These tragic events serve as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by road accidents and the persistent threat of criminal activities in the region. The loss of three young lives in the collision not only brings immense grief to the Khaskheli family but also highlights the need for stricter road safety measures. The authorities must intensify efforts to identify and apprehend the truck driver responsible for the accident, ensuring that justice is served. Similarly, the Hyderabad police’s encounter with Imtiaz Jatoi emphasizes the ongoing battle against criminal elements in the city. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to continue their vigilance and take necessary actions to maintain public safety and security.

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