– The German tourist killed in Paris – The three homeless men killed in Los Angeles : “Israeli Offensive in Southern Gaza Drives up Death Toll Despite Evacuation Orders”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Israeli Offensive Intensifies in Crowded Southern Gaza, Escalating Death Toll Despite Evacuation Orders

Khan Younis, Gaza Strip (AP) — As the Israeli offensive in Gaza shifts its focus to the densely populated southern region, the death toll continues to rise, disregarding evacuation orders. The United States has called on Israel to take greater measures to protect civilians as the Health Ministry in Gaza reports that over 200 Palestinians have been killed since the resumption of fighting on Friday, following a weeklong truce with Hamas. Shockingly, the overall death toll of the Gaza war has now surpassed 15,000. Amidst the growing chaos, hopes for further cease-fires are diminishing, as Israel withdraws its negotiators and Hamas declares that any future prisoner exchanges will only occur as part of a comprehensive resolution to end the conflict. In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirms Israel’s commitment to continue the war until all its objectives are achieved.

Henry Kissinger’s Legacy: Pursuing Possibilities in the Middle East

London (AP) — Following the death of former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the age of 100, his legacy in the Middle East is being reevaluated. Kissinger was known for his pursuit of what was possible rather than a definitive peace in one of the world’s most intractable conflicts. His most notable achievement came 50 years ago when he engaged in “shuttle diplomacy” to negotiate borders and establish a process to protect them after Egypt and Syria unexpectedly invaded Israel. In a recent Washington Post column, Kissinger’s biographer, former U.S. Ambassador Martin Indyk, suggests that Kissinger would advise Israel’s Arab neighbors to maintain order in the Gaza Strip and grant the Palestinians the necessary attributes of statehood, ultimately paving the way for a potential two-state solution.

Oil Companies Vow to Combat Methane Emissions at COP28 Meeting

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP) — In a significant commitment, fifty oil companies, accounting for nearly half of global production, have pledged to achieve near-zero methane emissions and end routine flaring in their operations by 2030. Sultan al-Jaber, the president of this year’s U.N. climate talks, announced the pledge. While this move has been commended by some, environmental groups advocating for a complete phase-out of fossil fuels criticize it as a mere “smokescreen.” Notable companies that have made the pledge include Saudi Aramco, Brazil’s Petrobras, Sonangol from Angola, and multinational corporations such as Shell, TotalEnergies, and BP. Methane emissions occur at various stages of oil and gas operations, from fracking to the production, transportation, and storage of natural gas.

Deepfake Nudes Targeting Teen Girls Spark Advocacy for Stronger Protections

Instances of AI-generated explicit images, commonly known as deepfake nudes, victimizing teenage girls have prompted a mother and her 14-year-old daughter to advocate for better protections for victims. The images, created using artificial intelligence, were circulated among classmates at a high school in New Jersey. Similarly, in Washington state, police are investigating a similar incident involving a teenage boy who allegedly used AI to create and distribute explicit images of his female classmates. These cases highlight the alarming trend of AI-generated explicit material disproportionately affecting women and children. Families affected by these incidents are urging lawmakers to implement robust safeguards to protect victims whose images are manipulated using new AI models or through various apps and websites openly advertising these services.

DeSantis Reaches Iowa Campaign Milestone, Still Trails Behind Trump

Newton, Iowa (AP) — Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, has achieved his campaign promise of visiting all 99 counties in Iowa. In a celebratory event held on Saturday, DeSantis commemorated this symbolic but strategic milestone. However, former President Donald Trump, who remains significantly more popular than DeSantis, held a rally of his own about 100 miles away. DeSantis continues to campaign under Trump’s towering shadow, as he and other candidates lag far behind him in the polls, with only six weeks remaining until Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses on January 15. Addressing his supporters, DeSantis emphasized his role as a servant rather than a ruler, while Trump mockingly referred to him as a “very seriously wounded bird.”

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s Trailblazing Legacy on the Supreme Court

Paris Police Arrest Man Responsible for Deadly Knife Attack

Paris (AP) — French authorities have arrested a man responsible for a knife attack in Paris that claimed the life of a German tourist and injured two others. The assailant, a 25-year-old French citizen with a history of violence, expressed anguish over the deaths of Muslims, particularly in the Palestinian territories, and accused France of complicity. The attacker reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) during the incident. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin stated that the attacker posed a significant threat and praised the police for their swift response. The assailant initially targeted a German couple with a knife, resulting in the death of the man, and later used a hammer to injure two other individuals.

Suspect Identified in Los Angeles Homeless Killings

Los Angeles (AP) — Los Angeles authorities have identified a suspect in the recent killings of three homeless men. The suspect, who was already in custody in connection with another shooting investigation, was linked to the homeless killings after a firearm found in his vehicle was determined to be connected to the shootings. Jerrid Joseph Powell, 33, was arrested earlier this week by Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies for the murder and robbery of an individual. Powell is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Muslim Community Leaders Threaten to Withdraw Support for Biden

Chicago (AP) — Leaders of Muslim community organizations from several swing states have pledged to withdraw their support for President Joe Biden due to his refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Democrats in Michigan have warned the White House that Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict could lead to a loss of support within the Arab American community, potentially impacting the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. Leaders from Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania gathered in Dearborn, Michigan, which has the largest concentration of Arab Americans in the United States, to express their discontent under a banner reading “Abandon Biden, ceasefire now.”

Moscow Gay Bars Raided Following Supreme Court’s Extremist Labeling of LGBTQ+ Movement

Moscow — Russian security forces have conducted raids on gay clubs and bars across Moscow, less than two days after the country’s Supreme Court banned what it deemed the “global LGBTQ+ movement” as an extremist organization. Under the guise of a drug raid, police searched various venues in the Russian capital, including a nightclub, a male sauna, and a bar known for hosting LGBTQ+ parties. Witnesses reported that clubgoers’ passports were checked and photographed by security services. Activists fear that this decision by the Supreme Court provides authorities with the opportunity to crack down on queer groups and activists, posing a significant threat to LGBTQ+ rights in Russia.

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