The victims or deceased individuals in the incident are as follows: 1. Courtney Gordon (suspect) 2. 12-year-old boy 3. Adult man 4. 44-year-old woman 5. 11-year-old girl : “NYC Man Stabs Family Members to Death, Sets House on Fire, and Attacks Officers”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : In a shocking and tragic incident, a New York City man has stabbed four family members to death before setting their house on fire and stabbing two responding officers. The suspect, identified as Courtney Gordon, 38, was killed in a scuffle with one of the officers he had stabbed moments earlier.

The incident took place in Queens, where cameras captured the aftermath of the gruesome crime scene. Emergency workers were seen carrying away the victims in body bags, with blood still visible on the front door of the house.

It has been revealed that Gordon had been living with his aunt, Christine Watson, after his marriage collapsed. His sister, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that her brother had been suffering from deep depression and mental illness following the dissolution of his marriage and the loss of his job. She blames the mental health system for failing to provide the help he desperately needed.

According to Gordon’s sister, their aunt had taken him in out of sympathy, hoping to help him get his life back on track. However, she now regrets the decision, knowing the tragic outcome of his stay with her.

Gordon’s sister emphasizes the seriousness of mental illness and urges people to understand the devastating effects it can have on individuals. She describes her brother as a good person, whose demons consumed him.

Police Chief Jeff Madrey provided some insight into the situation, stating that the officers initially responded to a 911 call from a young female inside the house, claiming that her cousin was killing her family members. Upon arriving at the scene, the officers encountered Gordon, who attacked them with a knife.

The officers managed to subdue Gordon, but not before he had inflicted injuries on them. They were taken to a nearby hospital, along with another woman who remains in critical condition. Inside the house, officers discovered the bodies of three victims and an 11-year-old girl who succumbed to her injuries at a children’s hospital.

The incident is believed to be a domestic dispute, and the investigation is ongoing. The tragic event serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health support and early intervention to prevent such devastating outcomes.

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