The victims or deceased mentioned in the article are: 1. Ziv Stahl’s sister-in-law 2. Several prominent peace activists living in Kibbutz Kfar Aza 3. The 1,200 people killed in Israel during Hamas’ attack. : “Israeli peace activists struggle to find a voice amid ongoing conflict and rising tensions”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Title: Israeli Peace Activists Struggle to Find Their Voice Amidst Escalating Violence

Subtitle: Jewish Israelis grapple with the complexities of the conflict and face opposition for advocating for peace

Tel Aviv, CNN — The recent terrorist attack on Israel, carried out by Hamas militants, has left Jewish peace activists in a state of turmoil as they try to navigate the complexities of the conflict and advocate for peace. The attack, which resulted in the deaths of several prominent peace activists, including Ziv Stahl’s sister-in-law, has challenged the country’s peace movement to come to terms with the worst massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Stahl, the executive director of human rights organization Yesh Din, finds herself torn between supporting Israel’s right to defend itself and protect its citizens, while also condemning the loss of Palestinian lives. This “complicated” position reflects the challenges faced by Israeli peace activists who have dedicated their lives to coexistence with Palestinians.

However, peace activists and human rights advocates in Israel are finding it increasingly difficult to express their views publicly. Authorities have attempted to equate peace activism with support for Hamas, making it nearly impossible to obtain permits for anti-war protests. In some cases, activists have faced job loss and public sanctions for expressing sympathy for Palestinians.

Despite the opposition they face, a new anti-war group called “Gen Zayin” has emerged in Tel Aviv. The group, comprised of young Israelis, passionately supports a two-state solution and aims to end the cycle of violence. However, they also feel abandoned by parts of the Western leftist movement, which they believe advocates for the abolition of the Israeli state.

Expressing public sympathy for Palestinians in Israel can lead to doxing and threats. Ofer Cassif, a Hadash lawmaker, was suspended for 45 days for speaking out against the Israeli government’s confrontational approach. Journalist Israel Frey was doxed and forced into hiding after expressing empathy for both Israeli and Palestinian victims. These incidents highlight the growing divide within Israeli society.

Amidst the ongoing violence, Israeli American Elana Kaminka, who lost her son in the recent attack, emphasizes the need for both Israelis and Palestinians to understand the realities of the occupation. She believes that if Israelis truly comprehended the situation in the territories, their opinions would change.

The grief and trauma experienced by these peace activists make it difficult for many to speak out, but some, like Maoz Inon, are using their personal experiences to advocate for peace and prevent further loss of life. The struggle to find their voice continues, as Jewish peace activists grapple with their personal losses and the challenges of advocating for peace in a polarized society.

As the conflict persists, the voices of peace activists in Israel remain crucial, as they strive to bridge the divide and promote a just and democratic society for all involved.

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