The victims or deceased name from the article is a 23-year-old German-Filipino citizen. : Islamic Extremist Arrested in France After Attack on German Tourist, Praises Islamic State

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Suspected Islamic Extremist Arrested in France Following Terrorist Attack

A notorious Islamic extremist has been apprehended in France after carrying out a savage assault that resulted in the death of a German tourist and left two others injured. The assailant, identified as Armand R, expressed his intent to “avenge Muslims” in this appalling act of violence.

The victim, a 23-year-old German-Filipino citizen, tragically lost their life in this shocking incident, as reported by France 24. Additionally, a 66-year-old British national and a 60-year-old French citizen sustained injuries. Armand R, a 26-year-old French-born individual of Iranian descent, is now under investigation for his potential involvement in a terrorist plot.

Known for his radical Islamic beliefs and grappling with psychiatric issues, Armand R was successfully captured and subdued by authorities after attempting to flee the crime scene across the Seine River. Shedding light on the suspect’s past, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin revealed that Armand R had previously received a four-year prison sentence in 2016 for planning an attack that he ultimately did not carry out.

During his interrogation, Armand R allegedly shared his motives with the police, citing his inability to tolerate the loss of Muslim lives in Afghanistan and Palestine. He blamed France for its perceived complicity in the Israeli retaliatory strikes in Gaza, which were initiated following the Hamas invasion on October 7. The conflict resulted in the deaths of 1,200 people, primarily innocent civilians, with an additional 240 individuals being held hostage. Tragically, the ongoing Israeli offensive has since claimed the lives of over 15,000 individuals in Gaza and displaced numerous others.

According to France 24, law enforcement and security sources revealed that the attacker posted a video on social media immediately before the assault, claiming responsibility for his actions and expressing grievances about “current events, the government, and the murder of innocent Muslims.” In the two-minute video, the assailant pledged allegiance to Abu Hafs, the current leader of the Islamic State (IS), and glorified the achievements of its members. Notably, he did not mention Palestine or Gaza in his recorded statement.

The arrest of this Islamic extremist offers a glimmer of hope for the affected communities and underscores the ongoing challenge of combating radical ideologies. Authorities will continue to delve into Armand R’s background and connections to determine the extent of his involvement in this horrific incident.

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